I need a home office!


Before I had my kids, I worked from home and had a lovely little office.  I had a big desk, a secondary workspace behind my desk, a huge dry erase board, a tall book case, a whole closet and even a little spot for my morning meditation.  I painted one wall this amazing turquoise color that woke up the room and inspired me.


Then I had a baby.  And I turned that room into a lovely little nursery.


So, I got rid of my desk and my bookcase and relocated my ‘office’ into the guest room.  I tried to build an office nook that looked like this:

But it never really materialized…Why doesn’t it ever look like the magazine!


Fast forward a few more years, another baby, and I lost that office too!


For the past 14th months I have slumped by with a haphazard system of workspace and office supply storage.



First I tried to put everything in the hall closet.  But that didn’t work because I couldn’t work in the hall closet!  Since I do most of my work at the dinning room table, I tried clearing out a drawer in our buffet.  But where would the printer go?  The garage?  Ok, so if I want to print something I have to take my laptop out to the garage, push aside a stroller, step over a sleeping dog and print.  But wait, the paper lives back inside on top of my cake stand in the side table.  And where is that hole punch?  Is it in the closet? In a box in the garage?  My bedside table?  This system is clearly not working.


In the past 14th months I have also spent a lot more time working form home again.  With my blog and more freelance writing assignments, I really need a space to work.


Last week, I left my laptop open on the dinning room table and pushed it to the back, along with a pile of papers I was working on when it was time to have dinner.  I should have know better, my 3.5 year old spilled his entire glass of water directly on my key board.  I honestly don’t know how it is still working.  But that was the proverbial straw….I needed a home office.  I needed a place to land.


So I do what I do best.  I made a list.


I need;

  1. A place to work
  2. A place to store my office supplies
  3. A place for a bulletin board so I can see on going lists and calendars
  4. A place to leave or store projects I’m currently working on


Now, the main problem, as I stated above, is these babies keep taking over all my spaces.  So I don’t have a room anymore, but I think I have settled on this little nook between my side of the bed and my closet.




So I started ‘pinning’ some ideas on my pinterest board (have I mentioned I’m addicted to pinterest).  I can set up a small workspace, have room for a bulletin board and I can clear out part of my closet and re-outfit it for office storage.

Source: google.com via Megan on Pinterest

Source: bhg.com via Megan on Pinterest



Because this is going to be a bit of a trial run to see if the space will work for me (and my husband, since it is his room too.  I came up with a few other criteria I want to adhere to.


I also want this space to:

  1. Use mostly stuff I already have
  2. Be aesthetically pleasing
  3. Keep costs low


Here is my task list for My Home Office Project

  1. “Shop” my own garage and closets for fixtures and supplies I can repurpose into my office.
  2. Clear out my clothes closet (a project I have been wanting to do anyway)
  3. Redo the Elfa system in my closet to accommodate clothing on one side and office supplies on the other
  4. Sort, categorize my supplies to figure out what I need and what I don’t
  5. Pick up supplies I can’t find around my house
  6. Do some crafty projects to tie everything together and put my personal stamp on it
  7. Put everything together!



Over the next few weeks,  I plan to;

*Share expert organizational tips I’ve gathered

*Step by step directions to my how to projects

*And my own trials and tribulations of fitting some big ideas into a really small place!

Join me as I tackle this project one step at a time!