Welcome to part 2 of my Home Office Project.

Last week I told you all about my quest for a home office.  Today we’ll continue on my quest and I’ll show you the steps I have done to get me a little bit closer to my own workspace.

Like I said in my first post, I wanted to try to use things I had around the house, before I went shopping.  Lets face it, shopping is the most fun part of any home project and I could have easily gone out an purchased hundreds of dollars worth of new furniture, containers, systems, sorters, and decorations.   My husband gives me a hard time of all the things I buy, try and then relegate to the garage and then insist on keeping – just in case.  So,  I figured I’d round up what had first, then fill in the rest.

I am a little embarrassed by everything I found in my garage and various closets…I guess my husband is right!

I found:

  • 4 Elfa shelves and corresponding brackets (to use inside the closet)
  • A large shelf to use as a desktop
  • A bulletin board
  • Bulletin board squares (new in the package)
  • 2 dry erase boards
  • 3 tiered letter tray
  • Accordion file
  • Shelf brackets
  • Cool shelf that I have been dying to use!
  • 4 magazine boxes
  • Blue mail sorter thingy (that is its official name)
  • 2 wood drawers
  • Clip on lamp (for the desk)
  • A battery powered, stick on strip light (for in the closet)
  • Various baskets and containers for holding supplies
  • Extra dining chair that we store in the garage
  • Power strip


What I think I still need:

  • Cool fabric and/or paper to decorate and tie space together
  • Shelf brackets to mount the desk top
  • Plexiglass desk top


Sorting My Closet

My next task was to sort my cloths closet and try to edit down my clothing, shoes and bags to all fit on one side of my closet.  This became a bigger project than I had anticipated, but I am so excited about the results.

I ended up pulling everything out of my closet and getting really ruthless with what I got rid of.  I have long been thinking about how a streamline wardrobe is a key to being a more productive person, but I have hesitated to get rid of anything or buy anything new because I have been over my ideal weight since my daughter was born (or lets face it, since before my son was born!)  But, in the last 3 months, my husband and I have been on a health rampage and we have collectively lost over 50lbs.  And although I am not at my goal weight yet, I confidently got rid of all of the maternity clothes I was still wearing as well as the cheapy stuff I had purchased because I was 4 sizes bigger than I wanted to be.

ANYWAY…back to my home office project.

I was able to narrow my closet down to just one side, leaving the other side open for office storage.  Yeah!  The printer can finally come back out of the garage.

I also rounded up all the office supplies that were stashed all over the house.  The pens, notebooks, folders, craft supplies, old files, paper clips, post it notes and business related books and manuals.  I piled everything on my dining room table (and forgot to take a picture), then went to editing.


I was able to narrow everything down to

  1. A small pile of things I did want in my ‘office’
  2. A box of things I wanted to keep, but could be stored in the garage
  3. A huge bag of donations to my son’s preschool (scrapbook paper, note cards, etc)


Now that I knew what needed to fit into the empty space I had cleared out, I was able to assess what I had and what I might need for storage.


I also, finally got to do a little shopping.  I went to my favorite local arts and craft store and bought two yards of two really fun fabrics to use in my new space.  I knew I wanted something subtle and something bold, but I wanted them to coordinate and not look too crazy!  The 16 year old girl behind the counter told me she always says style is about things ‘going together, not matching” and she approved my purchases.  (Maybe she’ll come help me with my wardrobe project next!)

Now, the fun part…putting it all together!


So stay tuned for the last post in this series where I show off my final workspace!!