I am excited to start a new series here on Bump Life today.  Each month, I’ll bring you the same 3 questions answered by different moms from all over the country.

For the inaugural 3 Questions With Mama, I am pleased to introduce Beryl Ayn Young!

Hi Beryl, before we get to our questions, tell us a little about yourself

I’m Beryl, a certified teacher and professional photographer who gets nothing but pure joy out of teaching mamas how to use a camera to nourish their mind, body, and soul. I teach the technical basics to help moms ‘get out of auto’ but also combine that with lessons that help them use a camera to gain confidence and connection with their entire family. You can find me over at berylaynyoung.com  or at my flagship online class Momtographie.   I am a mama to two amazing girls: Bella Rose who was stillborn in September 2009 and was the inspiration behind my business and Brielle Rose our 2 year old rainbow girl who is inquisitive like her dad, independent like her mom, and sweet and loving like us both.

Question #1.  What is your favorite tip for taking care of yourself when you need a quick pick-me-up?

A latte from Starbucks and coffee date with a girlfriend is usually my way of re-charging. My girlfriends are the best and totally light up my world. When we’re all too busy being mamas to connect, I like going out on photowalks to recharge and then follow that up by unwinding at the computer editing the results. I love the magic that we can create behind the lens of a camera!


Questions #2.  How do you find balance between your family and your personal time?

I don’t. Ha ha! Just kidding. Most days I feel like I’m running crazy. I’m a work hard, play hard type of gal. It truly is a delicate balance and I think it takes a lot of planning and communication to make it work. Family time is sacred time for us since my husband and I both work full time jobs, so we try to soak up as much togetherness as we can on the weekend. Beyond that my husband and try to strike a balance with our evenings and we each get at least one night a month to go out with our friends and recharge. My husband and I also try to make date nights a priority monthly so that he and I can keep our relationship strong too. Keeping a family calendar is a must in our house!

Question #3.  What is your favorite way to spend time with your kids?

I LOVE to read with my daughter. Right now is such a precious time. At 2.5 she is actually starting to comprehend books, knows a few letters, and lights up when we pull her favorite books off the shelf. As a former Kindergarten teacher this has been such a fun time for me to watch in her development. Also, as a busy toddler this is usually one of the only times during our day when she wants to snuggle with her mommy anymore and I love it.


Thanks so much for answering my 3 questions!

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