“Summer time…and the livin’s easy…”

Who ever wrote that, clearly didn’t have kids.


Summer, for many families, means less set schedules, more activities and less routines.  Although my kids do still have some camp, I purposely didn’t schedule them for everyday and every week, because I wanted to do some fun “big ticket” activities with them this summer too.  My son starts kindergarten in the fall and I somehow feel like this summer needs to be really special.

The pressure to make summer really special can be a little overwhelming too.  I think, as moms, we sometimes put a lot of pressure on ourselves to create amazing childhood experiences for our kids.


My almost 5 year-old put this in perspective for me recently after we returned from a week-long family reunion vacation.  After a week of cousins, grand parents, the beach, fun restaurants, toys stores, the hotel pool etc; I asked Brady what his favorite part of the trip was.  He replied, “Sleeping on the pull-out couch.”


So there you go.  The things our kids enjoy and remember are not always the big extravaganzas we have planned for them.


Our kids relish the little moments, the quality of time we spend with them not the quantity.


In our mad dash to create these experiences for our kids over the summer, combine with the normal household must-dos, tending to our work and other obligations and often mixed with erratic or different childcare schedules, it is easy to get a little overwhelmed.  Then, the items that fall to the bottom of the list (or off the list entirely) tend to be our own mama self-care and personally fulfilling activities.


I found myself planning a day that went like this:  Get up at 5 to work so I could take the kids to the zoo for the morning, clean up the house during nap and host friends for a back yard bbq dinner, work a bit more after the kids go to bed…. Shower…you ask?  Maybe next week!  And although it was a planned day of fun…it started to feel a little bit less than fun.


In my effort to make this the “summer o’ fun,” it is easy to loose site of the importance of lazy, pj filled mornings, or impromptu creek splashing.


And I thought about the best part of Brady’s vacation and how I could apply the same idea to my own self-care.


Mama self care is all about the quality of time we spend, not the quantity.


Five extra minutes in the shower, a text message to a girl friend, or flipping through a trashy magazine while the kids play independently…that is all self-care.


So, take a few minutes before the fun-filled 4th of July weekend and re-evaluate your plans and goals.  Do you have quality family time planned?  Quality mama time?  Do you have a few too many activities on the agenda that could lead to overwhelm and burn out all in the name of fun?? Leave me a comment with one “fun” activity you are going to skip in the name of quality time.


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