Let’s face it, time is at a premium for Mama CEOs. We wear a million hats: we need to find time for our business, our family, and a little self-care wouldn’t hurt. We tend to blame our lack of time on being a mom.


But like claiming our Mama Advantage, everything changes when we shift our perspective. Flip the script. Try this mantra: I have all the time that I need.


Being a Mama CEO lets you defy the 9–5. You get to decide what your work week looks like—and how to structure each day in it. On the Mama CEO Show, I dive into my top three tips to defy the 9–5:


Tip 1: Honor Your Time: Create a weekly workflow

Tip 2: Set your Boundaries: Create your boundaries, before they are tested!

Tip 3: Live your Priorities: Write a Manifesto or think about the prompt: I believe


Check out the video to see how each of these tips can help you shift from I don’t have enough time to I have all the time that I need.


Want to tackle tip one? Get my weekly workflow sheet and a quick video to walk you through the process, so that you can create a weekly workflow and honor your time:

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