About Me

 We can give our kids the world, without giving up our own.


Hi, I’m Megan.

photo(27)I’m a mom just like you.

I’m living the challenges of balancing being a mom, wife, business owner and everything else, so I get where you are.

Maybe you are simply overwhelmed or not taking care of yourself. Or ignoring your dreams and passions of starting a business because you think there is not enough time.  Or even stuck in a big old rut with no end in sight.

I’ve got a secret for you. You deserve a life you LOVE. It’s up to you to take control and make time for yourself. From taking a shower to launching your dream business to actually getting to that yoga class.


Investing time in you will make you better at everything else you need to do the rest of the time.

There are no bonus points for being stuck, restless or dissatisfied.

You are meant for big things.


About Megan

I am a coach for busy moms just like you who are ready to pursue their dreams, and build their own businesses (or any other big goal.) I use a combination of time management and business strategies to help you start or grow your business, while being actively present in the day to day lives of your kids and families.  I help you figure out exactly what steps you need to take and in what order without feeling overwhelmed.

I give you the confidence and clarity to just start and the tools to grow, what ever your dream is.

Most of all, I’m a cheerleader for you and I give you the permission to actually take the time to pursue your passion.

I pride myself on my ability to put strategic plans into place to accomplish anything from cleaning out the playroom to launching a thriving business.  All while staying true to our shared our biggest goal — being the best moms we can possibly be.

9 things about me (9 is my favorite number, that’s why we are writing 9 things here.)


about twilight1.  I love books meant for 13-year-old girls. (Ahem a certain vampire trilogy tops that list).


About Entrepreneur2.  I have been an entrepreneur my whole life and have never had a “traditional” 9-5 job. From teaching children’s dance and swim lessons, to a 20 year career as a personal trainer, to my own pre and postnatal wellness company, I’ve always had at least one business on the go.


about kids3.  I have two amazing children.


about lists


4.  My best friend teases me that I make lists of the lists I have to make…and she is not wrong.


About Prenatal

5.  I hosted a Prenatal Yoga video in my previous career as a prenatal wellness specialist.


about paddleboard

6.   I recently fell in love with stand up paddle boarding, but yoga still wins as my workout of choice (although I don’t do either often enough).


About Coffee

7.  I love my morning latte…possibly too much.


About Husband

8.  I met my adorable husband online.


About Sweetheart

9.  I was crowned the Sweet Heart of the Mountains at my hometown fair at age 16 (wow, check out that hair!)

If you are ready to get started finding a life that fulfills you while still allowing you to be a GREAT mom, lets talk!  Here’s how we can work together.