A full system for successful planning with a space for all the hats you wear


Your life isn’t compartmentalized…your planning tools shouldn’t be either.

You’re a business owner and the co-founder of a family. Your day includes everything from soccer practice to client meetings with dinner prep in between.

You need your business and life organized in one place and you need a planner that can keep up. As a busy mama you don’t have time for multiple calendars and all the confusion that comes with it.

The Mama CEO Planner System gives you dedicated space to plot all this out — and a proven methodology for successful and intentional ways to plan.

Planning is so much more than what you need to do. Planning is successful when you also know why you are doing what you do and how it is all going to get done.

The 2017 Mama CEO Planner System is a paper planner created to meet the needs of Mama CEOs and a separate e-course to help you plan successfully.


  • how to plan out all your projects with ease
  • how to develop a plan that encompases both your goals and values
  • the why behind planning and how a solid plan sets you up for success in business and at home
  • how to keep track of it all so it gets done with ease and grace

The whole package was designed by a mom entrepreneur for mom entrepreneurs. I get that you don’t have a lot of time to spend learning and implementing, so I kept it short and focused on steps you can take right away.


  • List the step each day or week that will move your business forward
  • Keep track of your revenue
  • Get your child’s daycare schedule straight
  • Note key client deadlines
  • State your personal intentions

The Mama CEO Planner will help you do exactly that and so much more.


The one-of-a-kind Mama CEO Planner will help you plan your life around your goals and values — both in business and at home.


Each page addresses the unique planning needs of mom business owners, but the whole thing is created with ultimate flexibility to use the way that works best for you.

The Mama CEO Planner allows you to see, at-a-glance, exactly what needs to be done and plan when you’re actually going to do it. No more feeling like you are in the wrong place at the wrong time or wondering “when on earth am I going to get to that?”

Because I believe so strongly in creating a system to plan, I have created a brand new planning course only for sale with the Mama CEO Planner — Your Ideal Plan.

Your Ideal Plan is a four-part planning course to help you get the most out of your planner. We’ll talk about the why behind planning and how a solid plan sets you up for success in business and at home. Then I’ll show you a page-by-page breakdown of how to use the planner to plan your year, quarters, months, weeks and days. And I’ll also show you many different suggestions and options for customizing the spaces inside your planner so that it works best for you.


The 2017 Mama CEO Planner is sold out! 2018 will go on pre-sale in October, join here to be the first to know!

“Megan gets that planning isn’t just about getting stuff done, it’s also about creating our daily experience. Planning my week based on the question “How do I want to feel?” Has helped me prioritized and keep focused on what matters.”

-RB Fast

“Megan’s planner helped me work backwards – starting with goals and then creating actionable items with achievable deadlines. This allows me to set reasonable timelines instead of accidentally underestimating hours and sacrificing important family time.”

-Meg Casebolt


I’m Megan Flatt. I’m a Mama CEO and a self-proclaimed planner junkie. I believe everything is doable with a plan, but I could never quite find the right planner for my needs as both an entrepreneur and a mom. (Believe me, I’ve tried them all!)

I felt like my life was divided between a hodgepodge of planning methods. So, a few years ago, I sat down and created my own personal planning sheets to meet my specific needs — and the need of other Mama CEOs.  

The Mama CEO Planner will help you get more done and feel confident that your business and your family life are moving in a clear and intentional direction. This planner helps you make smart choices about your day and helps decrease the anxiety around getting it all done…because you know you are getting the right things done.

Want even more than a paper planner? The Mama CEO planner bundle pack has you covered.

The bundle pack is more than a paper place to keep track of your schedule and to dos, you’re investing in a planning system to make your schedule work for you.

In addition to Your Ideal Plan, you get 2 of my most popular planning courses included to make sure you know exactly what you are doing…and why!

You get a paper planner and these 3 courses on planning:


Your Next 90 Days is a virtual workshop to give you a plan to get to a specific result, plus the inside business knowledge to make sure it is the right move for YOUR business. The program includes a 30-page downloadable workbook to walk you through everything you need to think about from a big picture plan to the specific details inside your business.  It also includes 6 short videos that take you through each section of the workbook step-by-step to help you create a customized strategy for your business. And 4 action planning worksheets (straight out of the Mama CEO Planner) to show you how to build your detailed 90 day plan and make sure it happens! Sold alone, this course is $197.

My Tiny Empire is my Post-it note planning course that is already loved by everyone who has tried it! It is a low-tech, high-impact system for formulating your next big project, creating your amazing business products and services, and planning out how to get it all done. All with one little office supply power house you probably already have in your drawer. Sold alone this course is $75

The 2017 Mama CEO Planner is sold out! 2018 will go on pre-sale in October, join here to be the first to know!

Let’s take a look inside the Mama CEO Planner

The planning sections take you through the big picture in your business. Once you set your big goals for the year, you can get laser focus on what you want to accomplish for the next 90 days.

After you solidify your projects for the next 3 months, the planner walks you through week-by- week so you know what needs to get done, without feeling overwhelmed or leaving things to the last minute.

With places to track revenue, content creation and other goals your weekly to-dos will lead directly to your yearly goals. And you won’t ever plan a big launch and forget your kids are on school holiday the same day, because the planner has a place for you to keep track of your family’s schedule — on the same pages as your business plans. These planning pages help you uncompartmentailize your life.

When you’re finished the planning section, you move on to the month-by-month schedule section.

Each month starts with a page dedicated to the monthly overview:

  • How you want to feel
  • What you want to accomplish
  • What metrics you’re tracking
  • What big events are planned (hello, launches, vacations and more)
  • How much time you have to work that month

Then each week you have a full 2-page spread to plan your entire schedule from child drop off time, to business deadlines, to what you’re having for dinner. You’ll get your life handled on these two pages.

And new for 2017, the daily breakdown is flexible if you are an early riser or a night owl. And you can use the extra space for notes, lists, and your next great idea.

Each week also has a spot to keep your most important to-dos, business launches and family notes all at your fingertips each week.

The weekly schedule pages are designed to be really flexible so you can keep track of whatever YOU need to keep track of. From meal plans, daily to dos, exercise, or word count on the book you are writing….there is a place for everything.

And the Your Ideal Plan course, gives you tons of ideas on how you can use all the blank spaces and examples of how other Mama CEOs use their planner!

“Megan has taught me to focus in on filtering my calendar rather than filling. Instead of completing the most tasks as the goal, my results have come filtering down to the most significant actions and details. The system will be with you long after the planner is done.” - Latosha Jenkins

Ready to shine in 2017? It all starts with a great plan.

The Mama CEO Planner gives you the skills and tools to plan like the pro you are.
The investment for the Mama CEO Planner + Your Ideal Plan is $97 


You’ll receive:

  • The Mama CEO Planner: Gorgeously printed and bound on luxe paper with a durable laminate cover.
  • Your Ideal Plan *Available Dec. 8*
  • Weekly Workflow Tutorial *Available instantly* One of the most loved video tutorials to show you how to craft your week to focus on all the important things in your business and life.
  • The 2016 Q4 Planner Download *Available instantly*Over 50 pages of planning bliss to get you started before 2017 even gets here.
  • Bonus Printable version of the planner 
  • Bonus Planning Sheets and templates: Tools such as daily schedule pages, launch checklist, goal planning sheets, and idea organizers – print exactly what you need when you need it!

The 2017 Mama CEO Planner is sold out! 2018 will go on pre-sale in October, join here to be the first to know!

“I used Megan’s planner last night to set reasonable expectations around my accomplishments for today and that rocked! Totally set me up for success.”

- Parrish Wilson

Stop feeling pulled between two roles!

Entrepreneurs feel like they need to be working on their business 24/7 and moms have very specific times that they can work on their business. The result is that Mama CEOs often get stuck in a Jekyll and Hyde planning space between feeling like we need to work all the time and and not knowing when we’ll have the time to get it all done.

We’re are passionate about being great moms at the same time, the whole thing can leave us feeling a little overwhelmed, and sometimes guilty.

The Mama CEO Planner cuts through all that guilt and overwhelm and just help you plan your business, your family and your day….like a mother.

The 2017 Mama CEO Planner is sold out! 2018 will go on pre-sale in October, join here to be the first to know!

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have to be a mom to use the Mama CEO planner?

No—the planner works great for any entrepreneurs who are tired of compartmentalization. If you want your home life and business plans in one place, the Mama CEO planner is for you.

I use Google calendar (iCal, Outlook, etc.). Do I really need this planner?

I love Google calendar, but I also find I need a paper planner too. The Mama CEO planner is a great place to set goals, track metrics, and jot down notes. If you don’t have a paper planner you love, maybe you just haven’t found the right one yet. (And maybe this is it 😉

Is there a Mama CEO planner app?

I love the idea, but right now, No. ::adds this idea to her own idea section in her Mama CEO Planner::

Can you ship overseas?

Yes. There are additional shipping fees to ship out of the United States. When you check out, your fees will  be added for outside of the US.

The 2017 Mama CEO Planner is sold out! 2018 will go on pre-sale in October, join here to be the first to know!