You’re a mom. You’re a CEO.

In the Mama Mastermind…


→ We get the pull you feel between finishing your sales page and reading bedtime stories
→ We get that the elation of launching a new product can be followed by doubting your own abilities
→ We get the frustration behind a spouse whose eyes glaze over when you talk about your business

Running a profitable business while being a great mom is not easy, but it is possible with a solid strategy, a plan and support to get there.


in business, and motherhood, you don’t have to do all. the. things. to be successful. You just have to do the right things . . . the right things for you, your business and your family.

You can increase your bottom line, beat overwhelm and get more done in less time with the Mama Mastermind.

→ Wouldn’t you love to increase your profits by better utilizing your talents and creating offers that your clients have to have?

→ Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly what you should be working on every time you sit down at your desk, no matter how limited your time?

→ Imagine if you could do all this all while having the support of small community of like-minded entrepreneurs who understand what you are doing and who advise, collaborate and, let’s face it, understand what the heck you are doing?

The Mama Mastermind is a unique 5-month experience designed to help you find flow between all the hats you wear.

This intimate group mentorship program is for women who want to run profitable businesses, raise amazing families and finally feel like they have clarity on all the things they do.


You deserve focused time spent on your business so you can grow.

You deserve more money for doing what you’re amazing at. You’re changing the world for your clients, your family and yourself and you deserve to be paid accordingly!

You deserve to build meaningful relationships and connections with other moms who are growing businesses too, because they just understand you.

Your life is not compartmentalized, and your business support shouldn’t be either. From pricing to ending mommy guilt, the Mama Mastermind supports all you do as a Mama CEO. Now is your time.


I am right in the trenches with you. I’m a business growth strategist, and I help Mama CEOs build a business they love while still being present in the day-to-day lives of their families.

As a mom to two young children, I don’t always do it perfectly either, but I’ve witnessed over and over again the power moms posses. Mama CEOs are focused, driven and talented, but many traditional business programs don’t let us focus on our WHOLE life.

I created a place where we could grow our business, see results, but still feel like we are keeping it all together at home too.

Burnout, overwhelm and mommy guilt don’t have to be our norm, but you are not alone if you feel this way.

We are changing the face of the new economy, and with a solid strategy, the right resources, and like minded support surrounding us, we can change the world.

“I could list objective things about the systems I’ve set up, the number of clients I’ve brought on, finding ways to expand the ways I work with clients, or developing a plan that creates more regular income and workflow, because all those are true, but what feels like the biggest win right now is feeling excited about what I’m doing again.”

Sara Berry3x Mama Mastermind Participant

“Working with Megan totally transformed how I approach my business.”

RB Fast2x Mama Mastermind Participant

“Working with Megan is like hanging out with one of your favorite mom friends – who just happens to be whip smart at business strategy. But what I love most about working with her is that she *really* gets the mom factor, which makes all the difference for me.”

Lane Rabelo – 3x Mama Mastermind Participant

The Mama Mastermind is one-on-one consulting and a personalized action plan, paired with group support and accountability to meet your big goals.

Whether you’re gearing up for your first launch or ready to up-level your whole business,


In fact, almost a third of participants have joined Mama Mastermind more than once.   Alumni return because the Mama Mastermind helps them expand and grow as business owners—and mothers—over and over again. These women have gained clarity around what they offer in their business and have made connections and built meaningful relationships.

In the Mama Mastermind, no more trying to explain yourself, you’ll finally feel like you are not alone. You’ve found your business soulmates.

You’ll create a more intimate connection with a small cohort of Mama CEOs who share similar goals and projects at the same stage of business. We call it the Mama Braintrust. Your Mama Braintrust has your back. These groups have supported and promoted each other’s businesses, and been known to continue long after the mastermind concludes and even meet up in person!

I am collaborating with another Mama CEO to market my new product: I’ve been talking about this for years and there is finally a plan in place.

Maria Quintana-Pilling3x Mama Mastermind Participant

I loved the energy of the group, of Megan, and of the content. It was Get Shit Done meets Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff meets We’ve Got Your Back.

Kimberly Lin Pollard – 2x Mama Mastermind Participant

The Mastermind is completely unique to your business (no cookie cutter business modules here).

The entire program is built around foundational business strategies, but each one is tailored to your stage of business.

You’ll never feel like you’re are behind the curve or should be leading the class. The best part of the Mama Mastermind is that while you may be teaching others about your area of expertise, you’re learning from others in the areas where you’re not as strong. Together, our collective knowledge and experience is far more powerful than if we were going it alone.

You’ll learn from peers and experts who have already achieved what you want to achieve…and know the shortest path to get there! It’s intentionally sized to learn from a teacher focused on your business and gain varying perspectives from the other students at the same time.

You’ll have the structure you need to take action, make actual progress and see results in your business—not just the theory of your business. You’ll spend less time spinning your wheels and more time getting stuff done…so you can do the other stuff that is important to you too.

I’m delivering value in a way that I don’t think I could have a year ago, I’m delivering my services in a way that is garnering me referrals based on the quality of the work that I’m doing.

Meg Casebolt3x Mama Mastermind Participant

After 7 years in business, I feel like an overnight success.

Julia Sarver2x Mama Mastermind Participant

The Mama Mastermind is built on a methodology that has been honed over 3 years with more than 50 participants, with my private clients and in my own business, over and over again.


Review where you have been


Where do you want to go


How does your strategy fit into your lifestyle


Get the right stuff done


Know what to do when things go wrong


Create a flow for work and home

Having a safe place to explore, test and even fail is an important part of your growth as a business owner. The Mama Mastermind will be your cheerleaders when things go well and your support team when they don’t.

In the beginning of the mastermind I was pretty confused about my business, being a part of this group and being able to refocus allowed me to get clear again and get back on track.

Lisa McLatchieFirst time Mama Mastermind Participant

The Mama Mastermind includes:

2 One-on-One Sessions with Megan

We’ll get clear on your perfect business strategy and create a custom action plan to get you there. Then we’ll connect again to support you in getting results.

Mama Brain Trusts

Mini power groups inside the Mastermind that connect Mama CEOs who are at the same stage of business with similar goals, giving you support, guidance and accountability.

Strategy Sessions

Monthly meet ups to talk about key concepts that serve as the foundation to all healthy businesses. We’ll cover:

  • Analyzing Your Business
  • Setting Goals and Creating a Plan
  • Generating Profit and Setting Prices
  • Connecting with Your Clients and Fans
  • Collaborating with Others and Working with a Team

Mama CEO Business Analysis System

You can’t get to where you want to go if you don’t know where you’ve been. We’ll kick off with an in-depth look at what has worked for you in the past and where you need to pivot to see results. (We’ll also talk about what metrics you should be tracking if you aren’t already.)

Group Coaching

Meet up monthly for laser coaching on your most pressing issues. Hear from Megan and from your peers at the same business growth stage so you get relevant advice to act on.

Live Emergency Calls

When you have a grand idea (or a big challenge), sometimes it just can’t wait! I get it. I’ll get you quick answers to your questions on your schedule.

Mama Mastermind Website Portal

A resource library containing done-for-you templates of business necessities like sales pages, launch timelines and contracts, guest expert interviews and short master classes so you can expand your knowledge base with exactly the skills you need.

Virtual Coworking

Virtual Co-Working time consists of us all coming together to get some of our individual projects done while holding each other accountable. The chat roll will be open, so you can ask questions of each other and get feedback. This is one of the favorite features of the mastermind!

You’ll also get Mama Time Out invitations, accountability challenges and prizes


And the fun and support don’t end after our five months together. When we wrap up, you move seamlessly into the Mama Mastermind alumni group, where conversations, questions and support from people who just get it continue.

The Mama Mastermind starts February 27th, but you get access to the Facebook community and the resource library as soon as you join.

The support continues all the way until June 30th, ensuring you set yourself up for a stellar summer.

During one of the first sessions, Megan gave me the word ‘focus.’  Before that, my activity did not generate concrete results, which wasn’t serving me or my clients. By allowing myself to take on that word, along with being consistent, it has changed my business dramatically.

Jenny Bailey

“I learned to give myself space. By taking some time to focus on me, my business, and family I was able to see exactly where my business was supposed to be going.”

Mia Moran2x Mama Mastermind Participant

“Clarity is the biggest gift we can give ourselves. The Mama Mastermind has been integral in providing me a framework for mastering mothering while leaping to new levels. Megan Flatt is a gift that will open you up to new opportunities”

Tosh Jenkins