Where She Started

I was really confused as to the nature of my business and where I wanted to go with it. I didn’t have a clear direction as to where I wanted to go with my brand or what I wanted to accomplish. I would be really productive for a while, then inevitably the overwhelm (or some other stress or life event) would take over and I’d just give up. I’d lose all of the momentum that I’d gained during the productive phase and have to start all over again. I was feeling really overwhelmed, and kind of just going through the motions out of guilt and feeling like I “should” contribute to the household finances. (That didn’t work, by the way.)


Where She Is After Mama Mastermind

Megan helped me to really launch things in a new direction. And the customers are following! Now I have a clear plan to follow when I feel that familiar overwhelm, and I don’t get as discouraged. I know that I don’t have to do everything at once and that’s helped me to gain control of my business and family and really enjoy both. Megan has very concrete examples of what to do, and she’s totally in your corner when you work with her. I now have all of my scattered information linked together in a precise way to keep my clients interested and buying! I’m motivated and inspired again. I have the time for painting, drawing, and creating because they are scheduled into my daily life. I find myself not wanting to stop when the day comes to an end, and yet I’m much more satisfied when I do because I’ve gotten so many things accomplished. That also makes it easier to focus on my family because I’m not constantly worrying about the things I didn’t get done.

Molly’s Mastermind Aha Moment

I realized I don’t HAVE to do the things that are really not seeming like a good fit for me, my family, or my business. I re-evaluated and concentrated on the things that give me joy or sense of accomplishment.

What She Loved

I loved the one-on-one calls with Megan, guest expert Interviews, planner pages and, 90-Day Plans/Goals.

Her Takeaway/Biggest Accomplishment

My first 90-day plan! And following it to revamp my website.

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