Nap It Out


Choose a project, plan it out and get it done…all in 2 weeks.  Sound Good??

June 18- June 28

LIVE implementation Night : Tuesday June 18th – 7-9pm (location TBD)

(can’t make it live, no problem, you’ll get your info via email and video to get started)


Past graduates have written book proposals, cleaned out their playroom, revamped business offerings, finished baby books or developed new classes to teach.

Nap It Out is a two week productivity and compassionate accountability program for busy moms. Join us June 18th and you’ll cross that project off your list before most people even start.  You’ll learn valuable, transferable skills and build momentum for a whole year of awesome accomplishments!

If you are like many moms you:

  • Have a to do list, but can’t figure out how to get it all done.
  • You want to use your kid-free time efficiently and get back to enjoying your family.
  • You feel you can’t get anything substantial completed in the little chunks of free time you have throughout the day.
  • You have big goals and dreams to move you and your family forward, but you lack a concrete system to make it happen.

I feel your pain…

Not too long ago, I found myself sitting in my car parked in my driveway…sobbing.

I was so overwhelmed. I felt like I was failing at the two things that were most important to me: being the best possible mother to my children and being true to myself and my personal identity.

Watch this video to learn more about why I was crying, and what I did about it.

I knew I could conquer the world, while my kids slept, I just had to “Nap It Out.”

And it worked.
So, if you are ready to stop crying in your driveway and finally make progress on your goals and dreams, then Nap It Out is for you.

We’ll Nap It Out between June 18th and June 28th. You’ll get;

  • The 3 part Nap It Out System delivered via email over the first 3 days of the course
  • Downloadable worksheets and calendars to plot your path to project completion
  • Short videos to explain exactly how to implement the system
  • Step by step action items to support you and keep you on track- you’ll always know what to do
  • 10 days of Compassionate, Mom-centric Accountability
  • Support Videos to keep you motivated and teach you new tips and tricks to stay on track
  • Morning and evening check-ins to see what you have planned, what you accomplished, and where your set-backs were
  • A private Facebook group to check in, ask questions and get more support from me and your fellow Nap It Out-ers
  • A final CELEBRATION day of you and all you “napped out”
  • The complete Nap It Out eBook, so you have the entire program at your fingertips to use over and over again for ALL your 2013 goals. (Delivered at the end of the course)

**Bonus Additions:

  • Pre-session bonus:  Idea Generator Worksheet to help you choose (or narrow down) which project to work on to feel the biggest impact in your life.

All of the above, plus a few secret bonuses for only $99 ($79 before June 1st)

And you’ll have compassionate, mom-centered support, every step of the way! And all for less then you would pay for a few hours of babysitting. (you’ll be so efficient, you won’t need it anyway!)

The Nap It Out system works whether you want to write that book proposal, plan a business venture, complete your family photo albums, redo your website or organize the playroom.

If you have a project that needs to get done, but you are not sure how, you can Nap It Out.

June 18- June 28th

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Questions? email me at and I’ll be happy to answer!

Not a mom? NO worries! The Nap It Out system works for anyone!