Summer Camp For Moms: A Virtual Getaway For Mama Care and Fun


Why should our kids have all the fun this summer? 


Summer Camp for Moms is a FREE 8-day virtual retreat focused completely on YOU.  From facials to mediation, recipes to photography, Summer Camp for Moms has something for everyone.

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The summer can be a hectic time for moms.  Schedules are different and sometime erratic.  Kids need to be schlepped more places, to more activities, often with more stuff.  Moms and their needs tend to fall to the bottom of the list.


Summer Camp for Moms is designed to be a quick, easy to implement daily activity from one of our 7 Mama Expert Camp Counselors.


Each morning in your inbox you’ll receive a short video from your counselor walking you through a simple activity to help you feel more refreshed, more relaxed, more connected and more fulfilled for the rest of your day…and the rest of your summer!


Don’t let the entire summer pass by without taking care of YOU.  Your whole family will benefit from a happier, healthier, less overwhelmed mom this summer.


Here is your Summer Camp Line Up:


July 14th:  Megan Flatt: Camp Director & Chief Mommy Strategist.

Welcome to Camp!

I’m Megan and I am your host for Summer Camp.  I help busy moms rediscover what fulfills them and then create the time and energy to pursue those passion.  I’ll be sharing tips and tricks for finding more time this summer for all the things that are important to you…without Mommy Guilt! Find me at, or  on Facebook.


July 15th: Beryl Young: 

The Mama Portrait:  Get in front and be beautiful

I’m Beryl, Mama to one busy 3 year old little girl who keeps me fit and active by chasing her around with my favorite accessory, a camera. I teach moms how to both love themselves and their life from behind the lens too. Typically a mom’s #1 subject is their kids, but during summer camp we’ll be switching it up and making you the star of the show instead. I’ll be giving tips and tricks for capturing your own summer glow and making it shine. Find me at for even more photo tips that promise to nourish your mind, body, and soul.


July 16th: Lacy Boggs

Gourmet To Go: Fast Food for the Family Foodie

I’m Lacy Boggs and I started for the family foodie who wants to buy, cook, and dine on beautiful, healthy, delicious food—while living the reality of tight budgets, picky eaters, and weeknight soccer practices. I’m going to show you how to do the same! After growing mylittle website more than 800 percent in a single year, I launched to help small business owners build their business with a brilliant blog. I live like a foodie in gorgeous Colorado with my husband and daughter.


July 17th:   Christie Halmick

Notice: Using Your Senses to Reconnect with the Child Inside

I’m Christie Halmick. I’m a mama to 9 year old twins and I’m writing a book for them about a magic elephant named Woodruff. I’ll be sharing an invitation to use your senses to step back into your childhood. You can find me at Jewels Branch where I teach business ladies graphic design and branding.


July 18th: Kathy Stowell

The Five Minute Mama Facial: Bliss For Your Poor Pores

I’m Kathy and I’ll be walking you through a blissful five minute facial.  You can also visit me over at Bliss Beyond Naptime where I offer ecourses, coaching and now a podcast for mamas wanting to cultivate more simplicity and bliss into their lives.



July 19th: Erin Cox

Relax! A Guided Meditation for Busy Moms

I’m Erin Cox, an author, speaker, and mother of three who advises women on how to live more balanced, joyful, and healthy lives while raising children. My bestselling book, One Hot Mama: The Guide to Getting Your Mind and Body Back After Baby is inspiring moms worldwide! I’ll be leading you through a guided mediation to help ground you for the busy summer. Connect with me at

July 20th: Stephanie Thielen

The Power Of Dance: Shake What Your Mama Gave You  

I am Stephanie and I think dancing is the path to happiness (or at least temporary sanity) for moms.  I present fitness education workshops nationally and internationally assisting instructors in developing their professional teaching skills.  I have extensive experience in group fitness instruction, program development, and staff management. I am a Master Trainer for various fitness companies and am the proud mama and owner of Tomas, a 1st grader, who thinks “mama is beautiful and a good snuggler.” You can fine me at


July 21st:  Selena Maestas Moffitt

4 Summer Drinks to Keep a HOT Mama Going

I’m Selena, a Holistic Nutrition Counselor, avid runner, and triathlete who empowers women to live the life they deserve through fitness and nutrition. I’ll be helping you kick-up your energy all day long with 4 fun beverage options. I can often be found winning local running races, playing with my kids or out and about as a speaker. I specialize in group programs spanning weight loss, to endurance athletes, and even gut and hormonal health! Visit me at



Each counselor brings their own expertise and style to camp, but we all share the same message; Taking care of mama is good for families! (and I have heard quite a few counselors are sneaking in some special camper bonuses to camp)


So, take some time to take care of YOU this summer and have some fun while you are at it!  Pack your virtual bags and lets go to Summer Camp!


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