Where She Started

I was running two websites—one focused on how to use technology to help kids learn and one on thriving with learning differences—and I was writing a book. I was having a hard time getting clear on how my book would fit into my other work, and I was overwhelmed and lost in too many details of the two websites.I was really confused as to the nature of my business and where I wanted to go with it. I didn’t have a clear direction as to where I wanted to go with my brand or what I wanted to accomplish. I would be really productive for a while, then inevitably the overwhelm (or some other stress or life event) would take over and I’d just give up. I’d lose all of the momentum that I’d gained during the productive phase and have to start all over again. I was feeling really overwhelmed, and kind of just going through the motions out of guilt and feeling like I “should” contribute to the household finances. (That didn’t work, by the way.)


Where She Is After Working With Megan

Now I see how it all fits together! All my work focuses on helping kids learn—whether it’s using technology, teaching professionals, or empowering parents to advocate for their kids. I finished the bookBeyond OK: From Invisible to Invincible and created a new program to go with it. I figured out that each website supports the other.

Best of all, I’m able work through the details without being overwhelmed. (Well, at least not all the time …)


Molly’s Mastermind Aha Moment


Organizing my business plans and goals made such a difference. Megan’s approach using Post-it notes and the three-month business plan are awesome strategies that moved me from overwhelm to “I can do this!”

As part of my plan, I have given myself permission to have different focus times—home focus and work focus. It doesn’t always work for me to have a full home day, but I’m okay with that now that I have a “fluid” plan to work with.

What She Loved

Working with Megan is one of the best coaching experience I’ve had. Mama Mastermind was my first mastermind group, and it was a wonderful combination of coaching, mastermind group, and training resources all in one. BEAUTIFUL!!

I loved the 1:1 coaching sessions with Megan. They really worked well as part of the Mastermind, because Megan was able to find out what I was working or struggling with during our group time. That meant we could dive right in on our 1:1 calls. This is a great approach to coaching!!

Her Takeaway/Biggest Accomplishment

I’m so proud of finishing my book—and creating a program that works side by side with it. I did both of those things while still focusing on my main business projects!  All the pieces are coming together..

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