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You are committed to being an awesome mom and going after your dreams, too. In short, you rock!

But going it alone can be overwhelming, not to mention a little lonely.

You deserve to have the confidence and clarity to see motherhood for the beautiful, powerful advantage that it is.

All you need is the strategy, a plan and the support to get you there.

Let me show you.

Planning Products

Whether you have 20 minutes to work during nap time or you need help sketching out your next big idea. I’ve got you covered.

Masterminds & Group Support

You don’t just need friends — you need allies. Connect with other Mama CEOs who support you, lift you up & celebrate your success.

Private Mentorship

You already have all the tools you need for success. Now it’s time to put them to work so you can scale your business and enjoy your life.

“After working with Megan, I went from working 60 hour weeks to 40 hour weeks and I’m making *more* money than I was before. Megan taught me ways to use the same 24 hours in a day in a smarter way. We cannot fabricate time…we can only figure out how to manipulate the time we have. Working with her was like giving myself a raise and a vacation at the same time.”

Jules Taggart


I never would have gotten here without you, Megan. It’s not that I “couldn’t,” because I had the skill set, but I didn’t have the mindset or the confidence until I worked with you. You are like my business godmother. You appear, bibbity bobbity boo, my biz takes a leap.”

Meg Casebolt