Makin’ play dough and funny faces

I have two goals for this week;

1.  Have the baby nap in her crib more often than her carseat

2.  Have my preschooler watch less TV

Maybe I should not be tackling these two goals at the same time, since they are slightly counter productive.

The reason the baby doesn’t nap in her crib is usually we are out and about entertaining her older brother.  If she is napping in her crib, sometimes a cartoon and a snack is the best thing to keep a 3 year old quiet.

In preperation to tackle these goals, I have been collecting ideas for quiet or outdoor projects B and I can do during his sister’s naps.

1.  Make cookies

2. Pick tomatoes

3.  Art projects

4.  Puzzles

5.  Play Dough- Maybe we’ll MAKE play dough first

6.  Build with his outdoor blocks

7.  Do a scavenger hunt in the back yard

8.  Play in the sandbox

9.  Swing (B could swing for hours, unfortunatly it is more of a workout for me than him!)

10.  Fill his water table with bubble soap (he does this at preschool and all the kids LOVE it)

I found a great link for a few new ideas, they are a little young, but I really like that they are independant activites too.  Check out these activities for toddlers at Babble’s Toddler Times. What other suggestions do you have??

Wish me luck!