“Clarity and confidence comes through action.”


On a recent coaching call, my mentor Jenny Shih reminded us of this fact.

She told us, the members of her Make It Work mentoring program, that we couldn’t think our selves into clarity, we had to take action to make sure we were moving in the right direction.

I thought about my own journey as an online business owner over the past 2 1/2 years and I absolutely agree that clarity and confidence comes through action.

IMG_6506Back in June 2011, with a sleeping four month old in the stroller next to me at my local coffee shop, I wrote my very first blog post.

I started writing because as much as I love being a mom, I knew there was something bigger for me out there.  As important as it was (and still is) for me to be actively present in the day-to-day lives of my kids, I knew I wanted to use my brain for something more.  I knew I had more to give back to this world.

So, on that day with my infant daughter by my side, I hit publish.

I was taking action and I knew the clarity would follow.

I started writing about the things I knew the most about. Drawing on my professional training as a pre and postnatal wellness expert and a mom to myself, I started writing about what I knew; babies, childbirth, fitness and parenting.

As I took more action and got more clear, what I soon realized was who I really wanted to be talking to was the mom.

The mom that was just like me.   She knew she wanted to be present for her kids, but longed for something more.   She couldn’t quite figure out what it was or how to find the time to do it.

MIW-2014_326-(ZF-8245-41697-1-001)Action continued.  I did more writing and more speaking and more talking to other mom about what they needed.   They needed more time, they needed to rediscover their passion, and they needed to figure out how to put it altogether… while still being a great mom.

And the more action I took to help my audience, the more clear I became my own direction.

I was meant to help busy moms find the time and energy to rediscover their goals and passions and the strategies to achieve them.

And so we did.

I became more and more fiercely passionate about the busy mom that I was helping.

Starting my own online business was absolutely the result of the clarity and confidence that came through the action that I’ve been taking every day for the last two and half years and really the last 18 years.

So, it wasn’t too much of a surprise when I discovered that the passion and goals  many of my clients were looking to pursue, was also a business dream.

I’m excited to announce that’s what you’re going to start seeing a lot more of this  year at megaflatt.com.

Megan Flatt HeadshotBusiness consulting and time management strategy for busy moms who know they want to start their own businesses, but can’t find the time or don’t know where to start. Or established mom business owners who are frustrated by all of the business advice out there that doesn’t cater to our unique positions as a mother, a wife, a person and a business owner…all at the same time.

If you ever daydream about starting your own business, I’m so excited to talk to you more and share what I’ve learned in a 20-year career as an entrepreneur.

If you’re not interested in starting a business (or at least not yet!) don’t worry, there will still be plenty here for you. The crux of my message is still that the moms who are more fulfilled and passion driven lead healthier, happier lives for themselves, their families and their communities.

My proven time management and project planning strategies work whether you’re planning the launch of a new business product or planning your child’s birthday party.

So, whether you need the time and the business strategies to get that word press site up, to get your product to market, to launch that coaching career or whether you’re looking to find more time to indulge in your passion for art or your love of yoga this is still the place for you.

I’m here to help you get clear and help you get confident on the direction you want to take your life for yourself and your family.

And it all starts with action.

So, whether you have a newborn asleep on your lap or you’re shuttling kids around to soccer practice or helping them study for the SATs. You deserve to take action on your own dreams.

Our kids can be our greatest accomplishment but they don’t have to be our only accomplishment

What can you take action on today? And how can I help?