We all know the feeling…

goal #1 photoWe have a great idea, but we are not sure what the very first step is.  Or we are working on a big project and we hit a wall not knowing what to go next.  Or you look at the laundry list of things you need to do to reach a goal and overwhelm sets in and you freeze.

Last week we talked about why taking action leads to clarity and confidence, but what about before that, when you don’t even know what “action” to take?


Here are my 6 tips to help you get unstuck and get started on any project, dream or goal. 

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Sharpies and JournalWrite Down All The Steps

If you are stuck with where to even start with a project, start by brainstorming all the things that have to happen to call that project done.  Just brain-dump every call you need to make, skill you need to learn or task you need to do.  Then start to put the tasks in order.   Often this is easiest to actually do backwards, or reverse engineer your project.  Start with what the final step is and then ask yourself; what has to happen directly before that? Then what has to happen directly before that.

You can also use this technique to timeline out your project.  Count up the total number of tasks you have and divide by the number of weeks you have to work on your project.  Then you’ll know roughly how many tasks need to be done each week to accomplish your project (and if your project timeline is realistic.)


Write Down Your Choices

If you are stuck between which direction to go, try the classic pro/con list.  Write out each choice and 2-3 pros and cons for each option. See if a choice jumps out to you, sometimes seeing your choices on paper helps clear up the decision.


calendar 400Set a D-Day

Maybe you are just not ready to make the choice yet.  Maybe you need to see how some other choices play out first.  But that ‘other’ choice you have to make is swirling around in your head taking up precious space.  Set a date on your calendar (actually put it on your calendar) that you’ll revisit that decision and then do your best to put it out of your mind until then.


Coffee Talk 400Ask Someone Else

Usually when we are stuck, it is because we are afraid of making the wrong choice. Getting a second opinion can validate for you that someone else thinks you are making the right choice.

Someone else can also serve as an accountability partner.  If you ask them where you should start with a big idea, like starting a business or other big project, they can also check in with you in a few days to see how your project is coming.  Knowing someone else knows you are working towards something makes it easier to stay on track and not put it off until a better time.

That other person might have some great insight or knowledge to help you make your decision easier as well.  Often we don’t share what we are working on or what we want to pursue, because we are not totally clear yet on what we are doing.  But by holding back, you might also be missing out on some great suggestions and support from those people in your life.


Remember that there is never a good time…or a perfect choice.

It is easy to think; “When I have more time, I’ll start this dream project.” Or “After the school fundraiser is over, I’ll have more space to work on something for myself.”  There is never a good time.  Busy moms are always busy.  Now is the BEST time to start something, even if it is one teeny tiny piece.  Just put up that Business Facebook page or just write that first blog post.  Small bits of action will create momentum and soon your big idea will be off and running!


Flip a coin

I’m only half kidding. Nothing is ever written in stone. Just pick one choice, give it a try and if you don’t like it, you can change it.


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