Megan Flatt Money Rebel(1)“I am not a money rebel.”

This is what I though recently when my good friend Mindy Crary, asked to feature me in her online Money Rebel Magazine.

Actually, I think I broke out in a cold sweat.  Me??  Talk about money?  Talk about my money??  I didn’t think I could do it.  I even emailed Mindy back to make sure she wanted me.

She told me, “You are a full time entrepreneur, that makes you a money rebel for sure.”

(You can read my interview in this month’s issue of Money Rebel Magazine here)

It got me thinking, thinking about entrepreneurism, money, lifestyle and what motivates us.

I realized, I don’t talk about money enough.  And while I don’t want to speak for ALL my colleagues, I think this is might be a common problem amongst mom business owners, and really all entrepreneurs in general.

Even in my own mission statement, I talk about wanting moms to feel fulfilled, happy and on purpose.  I think starting a business is the perfect way for moms to use their brains, while still being active in the day-to-day lives of their kids.  But here is the thing I have never said to you before…and honestly, only started saying to myself very recently;


“It is okay to be motivated by the lifestyle you want.” {click to tweet that!}


It doesn’t make you a bad person to want to earn money.  It doesn’t make you greedy, or selfish.  In fact, doesn’t it come back to the heart of a mother’s role…to take care of our families?

I want to talk more about money here at  I want it to be ok to talk about money, I want it to be ok for us to invest in ourselves and I want it to be ok to want. more. money.  There, I said it.


“It is ok to want more money!”


Yes, your business is helping people, and it is helping changed the world and it is so important on many levels.  But one of those levels of importance can absolutely be to provide financial stability (or more) for you and your family.

Yes, they say the rule is ‘money doesn’t buy happiness’, but it buys a lot of other things that can make your life a little more comfortable and allow you to do more for your family, your community and yourself.

After all, isn’t being a Money Rebel all about the belief that if the rules don’t fit, you rewrite the rules?


Let’s rewrite our money rules, shall we?


MBI live SquareIf you are ready to build your dream business (and make money doing so,) I want to invite you to join me and other Mama CEO’s For Mama Incubator LIVE May 19th –June 8th.


Mama Business Incubator helps busy moms get their business ideas “unstuck” and get their brilliance into the world, while bringing money in for their families.


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Mama Business Incubator LIVE includes:

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And because, lets face it, making money is an important part of this business game, I have put more focus on outlining your first product or service so you are ready to start making money sooner.


I hope you’ll join me May 19th in becoming your own Money Rebel, fulfilling your business dreams and providing for those you love most.