DSC_0706Every summer, my kids and I create a bucket list of the things we want to do during the break.  Run in the sprinklers, go to the zoo, camp in the backyard and on and on.

This year…I have a business bucket list too.  Launch a new product, build my community, create resources for my clients and on and on.

A few weeks ago, I looked at this HUGE list of business goals, and I looked at the calendar pages of the summer activities for my kids and realized there was going a major shortage of kid-free work time this summer.

I started feeling conflicted…actually if I’m being honest, I started to feel a little resentful of my kids encroaching on my work time I had during the school year.

I found myself slipping into overwhelm and desperately trying to find someone else to hang out with my kids so I could work this summer.

That is when I stopped.

My own personal mission statement, (as well as what I strive to help my clients create,) is a life where I can use their brains and feel fulfilled, while still being actively present in the day-to-day lives of their kids.

I had worked hard to create a lifestyle where I could be the mom home with my kids during the summer, where we could take off on a random Wednesday afternoon for the beach or stay in our pjs ‘til noon on a Tuesday.

But I had also worked hard to create a lifestyle that was fulfilling to me outside my roll as a mom.  I love my business and I didn’t want to put it on hold for three months.

I needed a better plan, and an attitude adjustment.

How Not To Summer Break Your Business(1)So, I grabbed a big piece of blank paper, my favorite pens and some post it notes and I made one.  (I want to help you make on too!  If you want to skip right to my free 10 steps to Not {Summer} Break Your Business Guide, Click Here)


I always liken time and project management as a mom to a game of Tetris.  You create blocks out of the pieces of your projects, then rotate and shift them until they fit into a corresponding blank space in your schedule.

I knew summer was going to be just like this…just on a much bigger, much less consistent scale.

During the school year, I knew which days were work focused and which were family focused each week.  I planned work projects to fit into which days based on how much time I had and planned kid activities for the other days.

When I looked at the 12 weeks of my summer, I realized that it was going to be the same concept, but on a week-to-week basis, not day-to-day.  Some weeks, my kids were signed up for day camp or were visiting with their grandparents – those would be my work focus weeks. Some weeks they were home with me – those would be family focused weeks.

Then I got really laser focused on the most important business goals of my summer (‘update my pinterest board’ had to fall by the wayside). I turned those goals into giant project Tetris blocks and started to fit them in to the spaces of my summer as a whole, instead of just days each week.

I planning our summer bucket list activities around days and weeks that were kid focused too.

DSC_0588I started to get excited about “Monday Fundays” with my kids.  And instead of worrying about not being able to work on Monday’s, I set those evenings to be  a standing work night.  I can fully focus on our fun adventures during the day, knowing I’ll have a chunk of work time in the evening (after I deliver two tired kids to dad for dinner and bedtimes.)

The same goes for week-to-week planning.  We are going on a summer kick off overnight the first week of vacation.  I can fully sink into my time with them, knowing that I prewrote my blog post for the week and have scheduled nothing pressing to happen in my business that week.

The following week, while my kids are learning all about oceans and sea life at camp, I’ll pack in solid work hours moving my big business goals forward and prepping for the following week when we’ll be focused on swim lessons and fireworks.

Am I still going to have a few freak-out moments this summer when I need ‘just one more hour’ to get something done? Yes.  Am I going to feel guilty at some point that I am not ‘slowing down’ enough to be fully present for my children all.summer.long.  Maybe…

I am also showing my kids the importance of having goals in life that are personally fulfilling to them and working hard to accomplish them.  I am showing them that being a loving mom and a having dreams outside motherhood don’t have to be mutually exclusive.  And I am showing them the importance of a full day spent in pjs.

Then I am going to turn on the TV to get my extra hour….before we head out on our next summer adventure.


Summer Break Your Business Image 400If you would like to use the same 10 steps I used to plan out my entire summer, I have created a FREE guide to help you do just that.  How Not to {Summer} Break Your Business will guide you step by step through planning out a fun summer with your family while still moving your business forward.

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