Sometimes You LeapI grew up in a tiny town in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

The kinda town where you know all your neighbors and all your friends’ parents know your parents. And where going for a swim in the still-freezing river marked the start of spring.

At one favorite swimming hole, there was a huge boulder alongside a spot where the river was deep enough to jump in.

I was about 14 or 15 the first time my friends took me to that spot. From the water the boulder didn’t look that big.

And everyone was jumping off the rock into the river pool below.

I climbed my way up to the top of the boulder ready to join my friends below when sheer terror struck.

What if the water wasn’t deep enough?

What if I suddenly forgot how to swim?

What if I screamed and embarrassed myself in front of the older high school boys?

What if my bathing suit fell off?

I thought about climbing back down and entering the water from a safer, path-more-taken spot. It would still be as fun, right?

I don’t know what it was, but I finally made up my own mind to jump.

What an amazing rush!

The water was deep enough, and I didn’t forget how to swim, my bathing suit and my pride stayed intact. And I instantly climbed up the rocks again for another go.

I’ve thought about this scene from my childhood over and over again especially on my entrepreneurial journey.

What if no one likes my offer?

Should I use the blue color or the green color?

What if I embarrassed myself in front of my clients or potential clients?

Perhaps I should just follow the beaten path of a ‘normal’ job.

It is no less scary up at the top of a entrepreneurial decision, than at the top of that bolder. But then, something inside me reminds me how fun that big leap is.

Something reminds me of the rush of excitement I always feel. Something reminds me that, yes, I might belly flop, but probably not and even if I do, I can always climb up and try again.

So, today, what ever your bolder is- sending that guest post pitch or interview request to the big wig, or finally hitting publish on your new offer’s sales page, or finally deciding to invest in your own business or just deciding on a title for that opt in offer….

Just leap.

The water is just fine.