Your Next Big Idea

If you are like me, you have a stockpile of GREAT ideas for your business. You have an awesome idea for a new product, the perfect worksheet you should create for your clients, or the best topic for a webinar.

How do you choose what to do (or at least what to do first?)

Most Mama CEOs are short on time, this makes our decision making process a little higher stakes, we usually don’t have the next 8 hours free to try something out and see if it makes sense.

We need to have a pretty good idea from the start that we are on the right track.

Now, I admit, my friends tell me I have a “crazy” brain. Sometimes its “crazy awesome,” because I am able to generate ideas and suggestions like…well crazy. But sometimes its just plain crazy, because I can come up with so many ideas, I get a little loopy, especially when it is ideas for my own business. So, how do you decide?

Get Crazy (and write them down)

My first suggestion in any creative process is ALWAYS to brainstorm. In fact, I often have my clients come up with a really high number of ideas, like 50. The reason so many, is that it takes the pressure off them all being ‘good.’ If you are trying to come up with 50 ideas, some of them are bound to suck…or at least not be the right idea for you. But by allowing yourself to just write down every idea that pops into your head, you are allowing that great idea that is hiding in there somewhere to also come out.

Get all your ideas down in one place (post it notes, paper or a google doc,) so you can return to them later. I keep a running note section on my phone of potential ideas.

What Is Your Overall Business Goal?

Once you have all those ideas down on paper, step away and think big picture. This is a process I have been taught by my brand strategist and friend, Suzi Istvan. She always;

What is your main goal for your business?

This can be the big picture vision for your business overall, or just what is your main focus right now. For example, do you want to make a certain amount of revenue by the end of the year, or set yourself up as an expert in your field, or expand your reach? Each of these objectives lend themselves to moving forward with a specific idea over another.

Once you know what your current business goal is, you can go back to your list and circle the ideas that fit that objective.

How Much Time (and Resources) Do You have?

Now that you have a few ideas circles, lets think logistics. Do you have a full client load, plus you volunteered to chair the school bookfair, and you have houseguests coming for the weekend? Then maybe your idea to launch a 30-day challenge complete with daily videos might not be the perfect idea right now (but keep it on your list!) Maybe you want to go with something like a downloadable resource PDF.

Being realistic with your time and resources will always be a better choice in the long run than trying to cram too much into too small of a time frame.

The Perfect Trifecta

Sometimes there are a lot of good ideas on your list, or a lot of things you feel like you ‘should’ get done. The Perfect Trifecta technique works for you big list of ideas, but it also works for your daily to do list too!

If your list of daily to dos is so long you are not sure where to start, try this:

Go through your list and put a X next to anything that is easy or you already know how to do without much effort.  Put a * next to the things that you are excited about working on and put a $ next to the tasks that will directly impact money coming into your business.  Any task with all three symbols is the place to start.

Your next big idea is already in your brain somewhere, you just have to get it out on paper and then plan to make it happen!


Finish StrongFinish Strong!

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