3 Steps to make today sucsessful

You are busy.

I have no doubt your to do list is a mile long.

I get it. 

And most of us just dive into to getting those things done, yet we get to the end of our day and we don’t completely feel successful, no matter how much we do.

I have 3 clear steps that you can do right now to ensure that today is successful.

Get out a blank sheet of paper and your favorite pen (a successful day always starts with a great pen!)


Step 1:  Pick a Non Negotiable

Moms are notorious for putting ourselves at the bottom of the list.  Even when we learn to priorities our businesses, our own needs and self-care can fall even further down the list of to dos.  So, start your list with one thing you are going to do just to make you happier, healthier and more balances.  It can be as simple as “eat a proper lunch” or “drink a green juice.”  Or commit to a 15 minute walk alone or even a vow to go to bed early tonight (that’s mine!)


Pick one thing that is just for you and make it our number 1 priority today.


Step 2:  Set your intention with your kids (and the logistics around that intention)

Today, my intention with my kids is to be present when we are together.

Yesterday was a mad dash to get to school on time, in order to also get me to a meeting on time.  I didn’t like that I was snapping at the kids to move faster and I didn’t feel like we had time for proper goodbyes before they started their day.  When I reflected on the morning and how it made me feel, I know that a lot of it came down to the logistics (or lack there of) to get us out of the house.  I didn’t get them moving early enough, as I was trying to squeeze in a few work emails, I didn’t have lunches prepped the night before, ect.

By not having the logistics sorted out ahead of time, it was hard for me to be present with my kids.


Think about the rest of your day today.  Whether your kids are with you all day or whether they have somewhere else to be for part of the day, think about how you want to feel, act and embody when they are around today.  Maybe it is “calm” or “happy” or “less stressed.”

Then ask your self what steps you need to do before hand to make you feel that way.  Maybe planning a moms night out of next week, will help you feel less stressed tonight (even if kids are bouncing off the walls!) or perhaps deciding what you are having for dinner right now will help you feel more “calm” this afternoon.

Step 3:  Get Real About Your Time

With your personal non-negotiable and your intention with your kids set, we move on to the logistics of getting stuff done.

Look at your calendar right now and add up the amount of time you have to work on your business to-dos today.  Write that number down.

Now look at your master to-do list and start the 1-3 must do items off that list.  But before you move them over, think about how long each of those tasks are actually going to take, add up that time and write that number down.

Do your two numbers match?

If the time you need to complete your must dos for the day is greater than the time you have to work on your business today…you are not going to have a successful day.

AND it is not because you have to get ALL THE THINGS done in order to have a successful day, it is the way you’ll feel when those two numbers are out of alignment.

Look back at your intention with your kids. Will you feel “present” if you feel like you have to get back to your computer to finish up that last task?  Will you feel “calm” if you know you have more to do?

Probably not.

So, the first thing you’ll do to make more time…is to drop that non-negotiable, you figure you’ll have time for that green juice tomorrow.

Look at your to do list and your time available again.  What can you realistically and confidently complete off your task list in the time you have?  1 tasks?  The first 2 pieces of a bigger project?

Even though getting real about what you can accomplish can sometimes feel like you’ll never move forward fast enough, I promise this method will help you feel more successful in your business and you mom life and ultimately that feeling will propel your business and your home life further ahead that you think.

Tell me in the comments:

  •  What is your non-negotiable
  •  What is your intention with your kids today
  •  How much time to you realistically have for your business tasks today?

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