The Post It

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.  

A busy mom, a budding entrepreneur.  I had it all…and yet had nothing all at the same time.

I needed an outlet, a way to use my brain beyond the eighty-teenth reading of Goodnight Moon, but a way to stay connected and present for my children at the same time.

I wanted to create something.  I wanted to create something for moms like me.  Moms who wanted to find the time and the energy to do something they were passionate about.

So I wrote an idea down on a near by sticky note and stuck in on my closet door.

And then another idea.

And then another.

FullSizeRender (2)Three hours later, my closet was covered (and half of my husband’s.)  An idea was born…and a love affair with an office supply was ignited.

I have been in love with post-it notes every since.

I use post it notes in just about every aspect of my business. (In fact, I am running a free planning challenge next week all about post its.)

But I have noticed lately that I also use my post it note obsession to help me stay grounded and focus on the big picture…or the biggest picture that will fit on a 3 inch square…in both my life and business.

There is something awesomely low tec about a piece of paper with some sticky stuff on the back.  I love my gadgets and my iDevices and my many apps and software shortcuts.  But every single time I get overwhelmed or off track, and I mean every. single. time. I come back to my old friend the post it note to pull me back off the ledge, to get me back in the track…or as a post it note over my desk reads “the f*@king track”

trackAfter I lamented to a business friend that I wasn’t sure which of my ideas to pursue next and which direction to take.  She told me I was at the top of the ski hill, I had already done the hard work…now I was ready to start the fast descent down the mountain, all I had to do was stay in the effing track.  So I wrote that on a post it note.

After a particularly distracting day.  I wrote the word “focus” on a post it note and stuck it to the corner of my laptop.  Focus achieved.

Even today, I couldn’t wrap my brain around all the pieces of content I needed to create in the next month with blog posts, guest spots, free challenges, bonus content and a new course (about post its of course).  After staring at a blank screen and checking facebook for the hundredth time.  I grabbed my post it notes.  14 pink post it notes later…it was all mapped out.

Post it help me feel in control, at ease and ready to take on the world.

Some people have a touch stone, some people meditate, some people take dance breaks.

I have an office supply.

And it is truly the best of times.

IMG_8853If you are ready to plan for an amazingly successful 2015, but in an awesomely fun way…you are in the right place!

December 8th -15th we are going to take the internet by post-it-planning storm.  It’s like a flash mob…only on a 3×3 inch square.

Our flash mob will culminate on December 15th with a 2015 planning party, which will be more like a music video than a webinar.  You’ll leave with a solid direction of where you are headed in 2015 and be able to put away your planning and focus on your other priorities for the rest of December.

I’ve built My Tiny Empire with 3 inch sticky notes…and now it is your turn!

Sign up for the Tiny Empire Challenge Here!