12 days of systems When Val from aspire&grow asked me to be a part of her 12 Days of Systems Challenge, I was immediately in!  And when I found out who the awesome ladies of the other 11 days were, you know I was excited.  If you are just joining in, sign up here to get the full line up.  
Its no secret that I am a planner.  But my big confession is, I actually shied away from systems for a long time in my business because I thought they had to be complicated, expensive and I thought I had to be a ‘bigger’ business owner before they mattered. But I have learned that systems can be simple, uncomplicated and even fun.

Watch this video all about how I use one tiny 3x 3 inch square to run all sorts of pieces of my business

Action Step:

Where in your business is your system over complicated, or non existent where you could create a simple system…maybe using post it notes!

And if you want to join in on the post-it planning fun on Instagram (and be the first to know about My Tiny Empire when it goes on presale next week,) go to www.bit.ly/mytinyempire to get signed up!

And the 2015 planning doesn’t stop here!  We’re getting together for a 2015 Planning Party!!

Monday, December 15th at 10am (PST)

We’re getting together on a Google Hangout for a super fun, low stress, high impact way to plan out our big goals and dreams for 2015.  With, you guessed it post it notes!  Oh, and did I mention prizes???  Yes!

Sign up here to join us (and the instagram pre-party)!