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February is the new January, you are not behind.

This is a little mantra I needed to tell myself as I started February feeling like I was ‘behind’ on the 2015 goals I had set for myself and my business.

But really I had been following my own advice I set back at the beginning of the year. I wrote a post all about taking January to transition into 2015  and I have been doing just that.

I took some time to really think about my business and the direction it was going to take this year and I am so excited to share some new developments with you!

First, one of my 2015 goals was to build my team and get more support in my business. I already have an amazing VA, and am lucky to work with an incredible designer and her team (and love to call her one of my best friends as well.) But I recently added a talented writer to help me with all the content I want to create for all of you. And I invested in a content strategy package with the incredible Jules Taggart.

Jules helped me put together a strong framework for where my content is going over the next few months to ensure that I am delivering the absolutely highest value to my awesome readers (that’s you!) and to make sure I have a solid plan so I don’t burn myself out and have time for the other things in my life that are important to me. (You know, that whole Mama CEO thing.)

So, here at you are going to start to see some fun new features, fresh valuable content to help build your business and more stories from the heart to help you balance your mom and business life (and hear how others do it too!)

Most of my content each month will fall into 4 buckets:

  • Mama Life
  • How- To Guides
  • Juicy Content (with Freebies!)
  • New Webcast Show (that you can help me name!)

Mama Life is what this whole Mama CEO thing centers around. You’ll hear from the heart stories from my own mama life and you’ll have a chance to hear from other mamas as well.  You’ll get to see how other Mama CEOs struggle and succeed in balancing business and family and we can all learn a few secrets along the way! You’ll hear inspirational stories and get a glimpse of a day in the life of Mama CEOs just like you!  (In fact, I just confirmed my first guest for this feature and I’m so excited I am almost shaking, but I’ll keep her a secret for a little longer!)

I love practical, hands-on advice and the How-To Guides are a chance to share actionable steps you can take in your business right away. I want to help you build your business in the most straightforward way so you can save time and get back to the other things that are important to you (sound familiar?)

Juicy Content is a time to dive in deep to concepts that are important to us all. These posts come straight from the topics I am working on with my private clients as well as relevant, headline making news for Mama CEOs (like the default parent phenomena.)  This is also a chance to hear from guest experts in business and parenting to help us all raise our game. These posts will always have a related download to help you integrate the topics right into your business and life.

The last bucket gives me a chance to do what I do best, TALK! I love to write, but once a month I’ll be inviting a fellow Mama CEO to join me for a video webcast all about how she is building her business like a mother. We’ll be talking about challenges and the tangible steps she took to move forward and how you can apply those steps in your life. I don’t have a name for this web show yet, but I am taking suggestions over in the Mama CEO Club on Facebook, so head over there and leave your vote!

Now, I want to hear from YOU! Who would you like to see featured for a Mama Life post?  What topics do you want to learn how to do in the how-to guides? What are the big concepts you are dying for someone to discuss? And who has a great story you’d love to hear about on the webcast, maybe that’s you! Take a minute and fill out this form right here to nominate your favorite Mama CEO and suggest topics for upcoming blog posts and guides.

I’m so excited for this next stage in my business, I’m excited to share my journey with you and I’m excited to learn more about all the ways you are building your business…like a mother.

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