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All week I’ve been hosting 14 Mama CEOs during the Mama CEO Talks and boy have there been some great nuggets of wisdom on running your business and life.

(It’s not too late to join in, you can access all the recordings, plus join me live tomorrow for a hands on webinar all about structuring your week for Mama CEO Success by signing up here.)

Monday, I loved getting real with Mama CEOs Suzi Istvan, Jules Taggert and Farideh Ceasar during our live panel discussion. Some of my favorite takeaways were:


  • Flexibility in your work day is a pro and a con for Mama CEOs.
  • If you are going to be away from your family, get really clear on what you love to do in your business to make it worth it.
  • Invest in support. Whether it is friendships, your relationships or paid support at home and in business, asking for help gets you where you want to go faster.
  • We all, no matter the level of business, struggle sometimes with overwhelm, mommy guilt and mindset challenges.

The rest of the week has been just as fun and valuable. I’ve interview 10 members of my Mama Mastermind on their top tips for moms based on their expertise and experience as Mama CEOs.

They have so much goodness to share on the videos, but I asked them to give one tip to share with you here.

  • Joanna Byrne –  Success starts in your mind – practice regularly with mantras, affirmations or journalling to strengthen your success mindset muscles

  • Susan Schenk –  As a Mom, you must value the knowledge you have about your child and that you can support them like no other person can —  as you are the most consistent person in their life and you know them the best!

  • Anastasia Hendryanto –  Boost your energy and clear brain fog first thing in the morning by drinking a tall glass of hydrating water with some freshly squeezed lemon juice.

  • Sara Barry – Instead of putting off creativity until you find a big chunk of time in your schedule, start with five minutes each day of writing, and build from there.

  • Parrish Wilson –  When creating content for your biz blog, focus on topics that excite you so you can stay connected to your passion and creative spirit.

  • Chichi Eruchalu –  People want to find and connect with you, so make it easy for them. Be sure to connect your social media profiles to your website and vice versa, so that people can find you and what you are doing.

  • Rachel Bailey –  Raising great kids is about being a confident parent, not a perfect parent.

  • Abigail Cannon –  A bedtime routine is important for kids of all ages to have smooth transitions to sleep

  • Sara Bradford – Everyone….EVERY SINGLE PERSON, INCLUDING MAMAS, deserve that 15 minute boost — whether it’s taking the time to deep breathe, have a shower, do some sun salutations, drink a tea and stare out the window, or play guitar. OR EAT. Whatever it is, you will be more productive when you take care of YOU, at least a few times a day.

This is such great bits of advice, I’ve compiled them together in a printable PDF so you can refer back to them whenever you need a little reminder from our Mama CEO Talks. Its like having a business BFF with you all the time.

Simply sign up for the Mama CEO Talks and you’ll get the download with your confirmation email. (If you already are signed up, your download was in today’s email)

There have been so many great ah-ha moments during this week too! From realizing we are always learning in our businesses, to feeling relieved that everyone sometimes struggles with the things we struggle with, and most of all (from Latosha Jenkins)

“My big aha is there will always be opportunities to grow as a mom and business owner…which will bring happy moments and trying times…being in community will help me through both stronger.”

I couldn’t agree more and I am so glad you are part of MY community!