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I know I am not the only one who has thought, “I wonder how she does it?” when I see other moms running amazing businesses.

I am a forever and constant student and I love to learn from other Mama CEOs. That is why I create a new series here on the blog – A Day In the Life of a Mama CEO.  So we all can take a peek behind the curtain of how other Mama CEOs run the day-to-day practice of their business and motherhood.

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 3.25.00 PMThis week’s I’ve got a snapshot of Tara Gentile’s mama CEO workweek. (Hint: It’s not multitasking) Plus Tara offers tips for sane travel and how to do it all.

Tara works with entrepreneurs to design their personal Quiet Power Strategy. She combines intense focus with uncompromising vision and strategy and teaches others to do the same.

Tara is mom to Lola, and lives in the Pacific North West.

Here is a peek at a Day in the Life of Tara;

6:07 AM

FullSizeRender (11)A big part of the way I start my day is checking in with the world. I read the news (The Atlantic, Slate, and Mic) and I take in what my community has been up to (Facebook and Twitter).

Once that’s accomplished, it’s time for a cup of coffee. Stumptown in the Chemex is the go-to in our house.

9:13 AM  Wednesday

I batch most of my coaching calls and interviews on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Those days I can be on the phone for hours.

12:36 PM Friday

FullSizeRender (10)The rest of the week, I’m writing, editing, and creating. Those are the days that I make time to pop outside for a walk or even a pint. I try to switch up my environment regularly and so I might spend most of my work time downtown.

Part of what allows me to do this is that I’m a non-custodial parent. My life is structured such that I am 100% business owner sometimes and 100% mom other times. That wouldn’t work for everyone but it works for me.

7:42 PM

I subscribed to Blue Apron about a month ago and we’re loving it. Both my partner and I love to cook but we hate going to the grocery store. So at the end of a long day, one of us can just choose which of the three meals we’re going to make and get started. We live in a fairly compact apartment so dinner is in front of the TV. We just finished up binge-watching Parks and Recreation.

9:06 PM

FullSizeRender (8)It’s highly unusual for me to work after dinner. Most of my evening is spent decompressing. My man and I are both big beer lovers and so often we’re trying a new bottle of something delicious and having a good conversation or reading quietly at opposite ends of the couch.

When things break down

Travel is what throws me off the most, and since travel is a huge part of my life and business, that can be rather disruptive. I travel to speak, visit family, and meet up with clients. I love it, but it messes with my schedule, my health, and my ability to focus.

I believe very strongly in the need to connect offline when you’re running an online business. So one thing that I’ve prioritized to overcome this disruption is “luxury” travel. Okay, don’t get me wrong, I’m not traveling in those awesome bed seats every time I fly (yet). But I do hack my mileage account to upgrade, work the status system to get upgraded for free, and even spring for first class when it makes sense. I’m better able to work on the plane, go from the airport to meetings, or just get back to my daily work when I’ve invested a little more in my travel experience.

Another travel “hack” I would recommend to moms that are regularly flying for work is lounge access at the airport. Ladies: we need our quiet time. Being able to go through the sliding door and escape the stress-is-in-the-air atmosphere of the airport has been a big help.

One Take-Away Tip from Tara

Get help. Get help. Get help.

Get help at home.

Get help with the kids.

Get help in your business.

Don’t do anything you don’t absolutely have to. I cannot stress this enough. Your job just might not include cleaning or making dinner anymore. That might sound ridiculous, but it’s not. If it’s possible to “have it all,” then the secret is not doing it all.


Thank you, Tara, for sharing a glimpse into your Mama CEO life!

Tara has  a brand new book out called Quiet Power Strategy. It’s about creating a personalized approach to your business and cutting through all the noise that’s out there to find your focus. Check it out and get focused!

I love seeing how others structure their day and organize things to get it all done.

I know I’ll be living by Tara’s mantra: If it’s possible to “have it all,” then the secret is not doing it all. (let’s make t-shirts, shall we?)

What about you? Are you a batcher? A unitasker? A check in with your tribe first thing kind of CEO? Which of these do you do too—or do think you’ll try?

I’d love to hear in the comments below!