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“How do you get it all done?”

This is one of the top questions I get, both about my own business and about being a mom business owner in general. How do you get what needs to be done -done, in the limited time we all have?

I’m currently accepting applications for the next round of the Mama Mastermind, and one thing we focus on is that productive mama CEOs do certain things that less productive mamas don’t do. Its not all about working harder, or working more…it is about working smarter.

If you’re trying to make the most of your limited time (and who isn’t?), check out these 7 things productive mamas do in their business and their life.

1. Set up systems that work for you.

You don’t have to be a robot and systematize everything, but you’ll be amazed how much time (and energy) you’ll save when start setting up systems for your business and home life. Look for things in your business and life that you do on a repeating basis and set up a system around that. If you’re a systems newbie, try systematizing one little thing, like when you fill up your car with gas.

2.Create concrete goals and build a plan to get there.

It’s hard to wrap your head around it sometimes, but planning saves you time—especially when you feel too busy to plan. I heard it again and again from moms in the mastermind. They are more focused because of the 90-day plans they set up.They have more time because they have a plan. They’re working smarter and meeting their goals because they have a plan. The more clear you are in what you are doing in your business, the less time you waste trying to do everything all at once.

3. Design a flexible schedule for your work and home tasks.

I work with a lot of moms on scheduling. Here’s my scheduling secret—you need to be flexible and focused. That means business during business hours—whatever those hours are for you. No more washing the breakfast dishes while the kids are at school—and try to stop emailing clients when you’re wearing your mom hat. By defining your time, you are more likely to be present in that time, in whatever hat you are wearing.

4. Build strong relationships and ask for support.

Last week, Tara Gentile urged all mama CEOs to get help at home, with our kids, and with our businesses. Start at home and ask for support from your partner and family. Let them be part of your team (or at least your cheerleaders). Find your tribe as a mom and as a business owner. Bounce ideas off them, ask for help, share favors. You don’t have to do it all alone.

5. Learn solid strategies from experts.

There’s so much advice out there about running your business. Where do you start? First figure out what you need to know now to meet your big goals. Then ask: Who is great at what I need to know? Does this person’s philosophy mesh with mine? There is no need to reinvent the wheel or bootstrap everything. If someone can teach you a quicker/better/faster way to do something, that ultimately saves you time (and money.) The right expert will show you solid strategies that make sense for your business.

6. Trust your intuition.

You can learn a lot from experts, but you know your business and your family best. Productive mama CEOs listen to their gut, that inner voice that knows what to do. Learn to listen and trust yourself.

7. Make time for you.

You cannot rule the world without taking care of yourself. Start with the basics: exercise, a good night sleep, eating. Then treat yourself to whatever it is that recharges you. I know it feels selfish, but self-care means keeping you healthy—mentally and physically—so that you can advance your business and be a great mom. Added bonus, you set a great example for your kids.

Which habits are you using today?

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