Mama CEO Show - Lacy


Welcome to the first episode of the the Mama CEO show! In this new series, I interview Mama CEOs about the challenges, secrets and big positive shifts in business and home, all in a super short segment (because I know you are busy!)

Today’s episode features Lacy Boggs, an undercover ghostblogger and mom to a four year old daughter. Lacy also teaches her best blogging tips to DIY bloggers all over at her website

In today’s episode, Lacy and I talk about the best decisions she has made for her business (and it involves setting boundaries.) We also talk about why it is so important for Mama CEOs to find their “zone of genius” and spend the majority of our (often limited) works hours in that zone.

Watch today’s episode here (14:27 min)


Lacy invites you to join her free Eyes Only Content Library to learn the exact content marketing systems she uses blogging for the big whigs — and how to apply them to your own brand.

What is your big take away from today’s episode? What can you do to stay in your zone of genius today?

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