Dear Brady,

IMG_9488 2It’s 8:47pm, and I have just over 48 hours left in the launch of what will be my most successful program I have run in my business to date. I have a million things to do, well actual I have 37.

37 things to do before Monday.

That is when a new group of Mama CEOs start their 3 month journey with me as their guide, cheerleader and comrade.

Number one on my list; finish my blog post for tomorrow. The one that is going ‘really’ get people excited about the Mama Mastermind and get them to say “yes.”

But, I’m currently sitting in the bean bag chair on the floor of your room, listening to you alternate between deep sleepy breathing, and disruptive coughs, while typing this with one thumb on my phone.

Your cough and corresponding cold were making it hard for you to settle into sleep and you asked me to sit with you for awhile.  I agreed, but told you I couldn’t stay long because I have so much work to finish. I told you I’m getting ready for my new program where I help other mommies build business they love, just like I love mine. I explained to you that it is kinda like when you don’t quite get all your school work done, and you need to bring some home to finish. You understood.

After a few minutes, I left your room and settled in to write about my biggest business mistakes (so others could avoid them), but soon your horse little voice called out to me.

Through a shaky holding-back-tears voice, you asked if I could sit at your desk to do my work, so I could stay with you a little longer.

And all at once my biggest business mistakes didn’t matter because the one thing that was most important to my business wanted me to sit with him a little longer.

And so I sit.

While 37 things go undone.

And I couldn’t be more at peace with it.

FullSizeRender 2This is exactly why I do what I do; so I can sit with you when you’re not feeling well. So I can comfort your sister who is having nightmares about leprechauns (stupid holiday). So I can volunteer in your class and drive your sister to dance and all the while have a business and career I am madly in love with.

A career that fills me up after awesome client calls like I had today. One that lets me meet like-minded woman from all over the world. A career that lets me pack up my laptop and go take care of your grandma after knee surgery. A business that lets me use my brain and contribute financially while still being actively present in the day to day lives of you and your sister.

This is what I want for the moms who join my mastermind. I want them to have clarity around where their business is going and solid plan to get there, so they can have the time and energy to focus on the other things that are important to them.

I want them to teach their kids how to work hard and go after what they want by demonstrating it first.

I want you and your sister to know you can can do anything you want when you grow up, you can use their gifts to live a great life…all while your kids watch.

And I want my Mama CEOs to know this too.

Sleep tight, little one.




MamaMastermindYoat*this blog post really was written entirely with my thumb and I really do what to help you find the perfect blend of business and home life. Registration for the Spring session of the Mama Mastermind closes tomorrow (Friday) and I want you to be a part of it.

If you have been sitting on the fence, or considering it. Now is the time to take action. This is a perfect next step for you. You will grow your business, and inspire your kids.

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