Racheal Cook


If you’ve wondered “How does she do it?” when you see another mom running an amazing business, A Day in the Life of a Mama CEO, is for you.
This week I’ve got a snapshot of how Racheal Cook gets it done for business and family—while taking care of herself.


Racheal, the founder of Yogipreneur, teaches yogi-hearted entrepreneurs to build profitable and sustainable businesses—while creating lives they love.

Racheal is mom to Juli, Alex, and Mitchell. Her husband Jameson is part of her business.

5:59 AM

I’m an early bird, and unless I stayed up too late reading (which is entirely possible), I start my day around 6 AM with meditation or yoga practice. I love that I can hear, right now, the birds waking up as I’m practicing yoga or meditating. This time for me grounds me and prepares me for the day ahead.

6:56 AM

I set the kettle on the stove (for my tea and the kids oatmeal). Then I snuggle in bed to catch up on favorite blogs or read until the kids way up, while my hubby takes over prepping breakfast. (Every morning, he makes oatmeal for the kids—they can pick out toppings of fresh or dried fruit or granola—and green smoothies for us. This has streamlined our mornings so much!)

Once my kids wake up around 7, it’s a big love-fest in our bed. Even our dog Savannah gets in on the morning snuggle time! We take things slow in the mornings.

We let twins, Juli and Alex (age 5) pick out their own clothes. Yes, the outfits are crazy! But after breakfast, they’ve know they’ve gotta get ready for school.

8:00 am — 12 noon

FullSizeRender (14)Five days a week, our nanny Lauren takes care of Mitchell (age 2), so that Jameson and I can work on our business. Weekday mornings, you’ll find us in the home office, often sitting side by side on the sofa, laptops out, in our own little worlds. Soft music helps keep us from getting distracted by Mitchell playing upstairs.

Mornings, I write——blogs, emails, new courses. I have a hard time giving myself breaks, but if I don’t, my body hurts. I set a timer to get up about every 45 minutes for a 15 minute walk around the neighborhood or another short yoga practice.

Noon — 3:00 PM

Once our nanny leaves, Jameson and I have lunch with Mitchell. Then, during his nap, I’m creating more content or having sessions with private mentorship clients.

3:00 PM – 6:30 PM

FullSizeRender (13)Post-naptime, we head to the gym. I LOVE going to the gym at this time because it’s mostly empty—and they have amazing childcare!

We pick up the twins on our way home. They play outside while Jameson or I make dinner. We keep it simple and plan so it usually doesn’t take more than 30 minutes to throw together.

6:45 PM

FullSizeRender (12)After dinner, we do an activity as a family—take family walk around the neighborhood, do a craft, play a game. We don’t have a TV, but once a week we have a movie night with a Netflix movie on my iMac.

The kids have an early bedtime. Mitchell will literally say he’s ready for bed if he’s not in it by 7PM! Everyone gets ready, snuggles with books (the twins are now reading to us, which is amazing), and then we say our prayers.The kids insist on saying every. single. name. of all their friends and family. It’s serious business!

8:55 PM

Honestly, there are a lot of days when I’m not far behind the kids for bed. I’ve rearranged my schedule so that I don’t have to work at night. Sometimes I’ll pop on my computer for an hour to clear my inbox or check social media, but if I’m in front of a screen too late, it messes up my sleep.

My favorite routine? Running myself a hot bath with salts and essential oils, pouring a glass of chilled wine, and reading in the tub. BLISS I tell you! Perfect way to unwind and take care of yourself at the same time.

Making it work: Weekly structure

I keep what I call a model calendar. This is a flexible framework that allows me to block out the most important things first, then fill in the small to-dos where I can. Most days look pretty similar, but have specific themes, like content creation (business) and date night or game night (family).

When things break down

Trying to do too much doesn’t work! I’m coming out of my busy period. The first quarter of 2015 was huge! As amazing as that is, it’s exhausting to manage a full private client docket + run a big live program like Conscious Business Design. Not to mention, updating + re-recording the entire program. I started saying NO to anything that wasn’t required or was just too stressful.  

One Take-Away Tip from Racheal

Prioritize and get support.

I do the most important things first. Period. The little stuff will ALWAYS be there. If you don’t make time for those most important things, whether in business or life, you will never have time to do what really matters.

I grew my business slowly and invested in support first. If you’re feeling overwhelmed trying to be superwoman, let it go. It’s OK! Your kids would rather have a few hours a day of you really BEING present with them instead of you trying to DO all the time.

Thank you, Racheal, for sharing a glimpse into your Mama CEO life!

rachealsalespagepicRacheal’s Fired Up & Focused Challenge shares the best insights and inspired action steps to end overwhelm and get your life back, in just 21 days. The next round starts in May, but you can get a preview here.

As a Mama CEO, I know how hard it can be to shut off the CEO side. I love how Racheal defines time for business and family (and self!). Oh, and streamlining breakfast by always having the same thing? Brilliant!

What about you? Are there things you need to prioritize? say No to? What’s your take away from Racheal’s day? I’d love to hear in the comments!

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