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You’ve got a million ideas rattling around in your brain. You’ve got sticky notes on your mirror and reminders in your phone.

Let’s face it—you don’t have time to devote to every idea that crosses your mind. I’ll show you how I vet ideas and choose the best ones to focus on and what I do with the ideas I don’t decide to use.

Honestly, I was up in the air about what I was launching next until quite recently. After I got a new round of Mama Mastermind running, I kept thinking, what next? I had so many amazing ideas and (like all of us) only so much time. Here’s how I decided:

The Big Brain Dump

I got all my ideas together out in front of me.

If you have notes for ideas all over the place and some still in your head, collect all your ideas in one place. Get it all out there—every opt-in, service, project, webinar . . . Write. It. All. Down.

I like to put each idea on it’s own Post-it. It makes it easy to shift ideas around. Once you see them all in one place, you can start sorting them.

The B-E-E Method

Start by putting aside any ideas that you aren’t excited about right now. If you’re going to do something you want to be fired up about it.

Now look through the remaining ideas.

  • Put a $ next to the idea that will have the biggest impact on money coming into your business. Will this idea move your toward your big goals?
  • Put a X next to anything that is easy or that you know how to do.
  • Put a next to the idea that you are most excited about.

Your Next Big Idea

You’re looking for the sweet spot—the overlap of the three circles of Business, Ease, and Excitement. That’s your next big idea—the best one for your business right now.

Look for Supporting Players

When you find that perfect trifecta, you are still going to need a few more ideas to help you launch this one into the world and often those ideas are already there on the post it notes around you!

An idea that didn’t quite make the cut, might be perfect for a blog post topic or an opt in offer or points on a webinar that will lead people right into the arms of your new offer.

Your Big Idea will need a support cast and you might just already have it.

Creating Your Idea Stockpile

Once you settle on your Big Idea, don’t scrap the ones you didn’t choose.

Keep a notebook, folder, or file on your computer/phone of ideas for another time. When you come back to this process, your perfect trifecta will be different. You’ll have new skills or your business will need something different or you’ll be all a-buzz about an idea you might not even have yet.

Now tuck that notebook, folder, or file away. Those are ideas for another day.

YourNextBigIdea_2Once you’ve zoomed in on the right idea for your business right now, get going! To get started, check out my 6 Steps to Get Anything Done.

Better yet, join me for a half day of focused action to get your Next Big Idea out into the world. I’ll be there to support you all along the way.


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