blog 6.12

Do you have a family bucket list for summer? Every year my kids and I make one—this year it includes a minor league baseball game and miniature golf. I even have a special mom and kid date planned with each of my kids (follow me on Instagram to see what we get up too!)

One of the reasons I am an entrepreneur is so I can enjoy summers with my kids.

But I am not about to put my business on hold this summer either. I want to continue to grow and serve my audience, so I have created a business bucket list too!

For Mama CEOs like us, your mom bucket can easily tip the balance in the summer. It doesn’t have to be that way. With a plan, you can grow your business and enjoy your family time.

3 Ways to Balance Your Summer Bucket List

1. Set Aside Dedicated Time to Work ON Your Business
If there is one thing you are probably short on this summer, it’s time. But I promise you, one of the best things you can do to make sure you have a productive summer for your business is to set aside dedicated time to work ON your business. I’m not talking about returning emails and client work, I’m talking about those projects that will move your business forward. Setting aside a block of time dedicated to business development will save you time (and make you money) in the long run.

If you would like some help, support, AND dedicated time for your business before summer really gets swinging, join me for the upcoming round of Your Next Big Idea, June 23. You bring your big idea and in just 3 hours you get the tools and the focus time to actually get stuff done. Space is very limited so sign up here.

2. Have a Realistic Strategy
Look at your calendar week by week and write down the total number of hours you have each week to work on your business. This will help you have a more honest view of what you can accomplish. I have some weeks where both kids are in camp, and those will be my business focused weeks, and some weeks where they are home with me more and those are the weeks we’ll focus on checking off the summer bucket list.

3. Get Support
Hire that neighbor home from college to help out with the kids one afternoon a week, hire a virtual assistant to make sure your blog posts still go out as planned, even if you are off camping. Schedule a girls night so your summer isn’t all kids and business all the time, and invest in business consulting if you are not sure the best strategy to move forward.

This year I am being even more diligent with my planning, because I’m taking a business break. I know the break will help me come back better than ever, but it takes a solid, realistic strategy and a good support system at home and in my business. Whether you’re taking a break, adjusting your schedule, or going all out on a key business project this summer, have a plan for keeping those buckets in balance.

So dream big this summer, get help, make a plan—and flourish!

Good job, Mama. Have a great summer!

And if your family bucket is already threatening to tip the balance on your business this summer, make some time to move your business forward.

What on your bucket list this summer? I’d love to know one family and one business bucket list item in comments.