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Your perfect day. Can you picture it right now?

Maybe it involves sleeping in or getting up early to go for run. Maybe it includes lots of coffee or hours and hours with friends, or maybe it is a full uninterrupted day to devote to your business.

Maybe your perfect day involves you laying on a beach with a fruity drink in your hand or maybe just not having to make school lunches.

Whatever your perfect day is, what if I told you you can have it every single day?

Now, maybe you can’t be physically lying on the beach living in Kansas on a random Tuesday in the middle of winter, but you can still live your ideal every single day. Really.

Your ideal day is all about meeting the day on your terms and making room for the things you value most.

Every day won’t be perfect. Flat tire? Kid with the stomach flu? A “no” on that big proposal you sent out? Sorry, those things are still going to happen. And you can still have an ideal day.

Even when the unexpected happens, you get to choose how to respond and what you are going to do next.

“You can’t control the wind, but only how you set your sails.”

You Are In Charge of Your Ideal Day

Every day may not be perfect, but every day can feel ideal when you shape your day around what you value most. It’s all in your choices and your beliefs.

Ready to create your ideal day?

Take out a piece of paper and fold it twice lengthwise to make 3 columns.

Column 1: Your Dream Day

In the first column, list components of your dream day. The run on the beach, the sold-out business offer, the bottomless latte, the no sibling squabbles, the hour long conversation with your best girlfriend.

Column 2: Your Key Values

Across from each dream component write why that thing made the list. What do you want to feel or experience from each of those things?

The run on the beach is because you value your health and love beauty. The sold-out business offer means your income is secure and your business passion is being fulfilled. The latte is your reminder to treat yourself, and the fighting-free kid time is because you love your children and you want them to form strong bonds with their siblings (and because you need a little quiet.) And that conversation with your girlfriend reminds you that someone else “gets it.”

OK, now look that your second list. What is important to you?

  • Your health
  • Beauty and inspiration
  • Business passion
  • Financial security
  • Time for yourself/quiet
  • Family bonding
  • Friendships

These are the important components of your ideal day.

Column 3: Your Realistic Ideal Day

In the third column, write ways you can experience the things that are important to you on a daily, realistic basis.

  • A 10 minute walk first thing in the morning before the kids wake up (health, beauty, quiet)
  • Family coloring or Play-Doh time (family bonding)
  • Reviewing your financial numbers (financial security)
  • Taking your laptop to an outdoor cafe to work (business passion, beauty, time for yourself)
  • A text message to your best girlfriend to say hello (friendships)
  • A working play date with an entrepreneur friend and her kids. The kids run around the back yard, you both work (business passion, friendship, family bonding)

Make a Plan

The last step is to plan these realistic ideals into your day, each and every day. And be mindful—each day bring awareness and attention to the things you do and why they are part of your ideal day.
Look at your daily schedule and choose exact times and specific activities that allow you to feel these ideals. Write it down. Schedule it. Do it.

  • Get up at 6am for that quiet walk.
  • Text your girlfriend over your morning coffee.
  • Get out the coloring books (get one of those grown up ones for yourself) at 3pm when your kids get home.

At the end of the day, take a minute to put yourself back in the feeling of that walk, smile thinking about the text your girlfriend sent back, or pin up the picture you and your kids colored together to remind you what you did for yourself today.

What does your ideal day look like? What’s one realistic thing you can do each day to honor that? Share in comments—let’s inspire each other to live our ideal days!

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