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IMG_2301This picture gives me butterflies.


I LOVE office supplies and I LOVE back to school time when stores parade out all the pens, glue sticks and shiny new binders.


Now, as a parent I actually love the scavenger hunt-esc list the school sends out with everything my gradeschooler is going to need this year (let’s not comment on the sorry state of public schools that I have to buy my son his own crayons and the classroom tissues and hand sanitizers, but I digress.)

Like the crisp pages of a new notebook, there is also something to this time of year, a fresh start.


This time of year is a fresh start for all of us, but especially Mama CEOs. Back to school also means back to a (somewhat) more routine schedule, and a chance to start fresh, whether it is a brand new planner, or launching a new offer, or a refresh to your whole brand.

(I actually have all of these in the works for over the next few weeks, whew!)

So if you are ready for a little fresh start of your own, I’ve created a little shopping list of my favorite Back To School Supplies for Mama CEOs.

IMG_2383The Mama CEO Planner: There is nothing in the world as exciting as a brand new fresh planner. (I’m not the only one, right???) It’s a blank slate of all the possibilities and the big ideas yet to come. But as a mom and an entrepreneur, I could never find the perfect planner to fit my needs of all my roles – in one place. So I created my own.

IMG_2384The Mama CEO Planner will help you get more done and feel confident that your business and your family life are moving in a clear and intentional direction. This planner helps you make smart choices about your day and helps decrease the anxiety around getting it all done…because you know you are getting the right things done.

I am beyond excited to share The Mama CEO Planner with you THIS WEEKEND. Get a jump start on your planning by downloading the Mama CEO Daily Planner for free and be the first to know when the Planner is available for sale here.


IMG_0948Post it Notes: If you have hung around me at all, you know my favorite office supply is the post-it note. Post it notes are versatile, visual, and allow me to plan just about every aspect of my business on a 3×3 inch square. From planning out my launches to writing myself mantras and reminders, to keeping track of my next great idea, the post it note is a constant companion in my life!

Lilly’s Table Meal Planning Service: I am a planner by nature and by practice, but one area of planning I have yet to master is meal planning. I love when I do it, but more often than not, I stare at the contents of my fridge at 5pm with no idea what we are going to actually eat. To easily solve this problem, I’ve started using Lilly’s Table.

Lilly’s Table focuses on helping busy families (like ours) eat seasonally, healthy and quickly with her weekly meal plans, shopping lists and recipes. At $12 a month, it is a totally steal and saves me tons in take out and prepared grocery store dinners.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 8.35.35 AM


IMG_2238Focus At Will App: Running a business and a family takes a lot of focus. Sometimes while trying to write a blog post my mind wanders to which afterschool activity I think my son would like to participate in…or which Kardashian is making a fool of herself this week.

When I really need to get something done, the first thing I do is plug in my headphones to the Focus At Will app on my phone (or desktop.) Focus At Will allows you to listen to music scientifically optimized to increase concentration and productivity. It is developed by neuroscientists, but I just know it works.

Back to School for kids means getting back to business for many Mama CEOs and the tools can help you feel more successful in all the hats you wear.

What is your favorite back to school supply? Tell me about it in the comments.