It’s the last hurrah of summer. Sure there will be some more glorious days, maybe a last trip to the beach, more dinners outside, but in the U.S. Labor Day is the unofficial last weekend of summer. So, let’s wrap it up.

Summer in Review

Before you dive into fall and a new routine and plan, review your summer to see what worked and what didn’t.

If you wish you had scheduled your kids for another week of camp or hadn’t planned a family vacation for the week you wanted to launch you latest product, make a note of it. Did you forget to add the drive time for swim lessons to your schedule? Not realize the library where you work on Mondays has different summer hours? Jot it all down.

Put your notes in your planner for next spring when you start planning your summer. When these hazy days are a hazy memory, you’ll be glad for these planning tips.

Recommit for Fall

Now put summer behind you. Put aside what you didn’t get done (did a lot fall through the cracks for you this summer, too?) and look ahead to what you want to get done in the next 90 days. Like I said, September is the new January, and September to November can be a really productive time for mama CEOs.

Take 5 minutes today to jot down your biggest goals, the ones right at the front of your mind. Or take 15 minutes to journal about what you want to do in the next 90 days. Highlight the things that get you really excited.

Sept Promo 2

September is the New January!

Just one more thing before you head out to that end of summer BBQ: Join me for September is the New January—a free, weekend long event designed to help you plan for business growth, set workflow routines that work and get the most important priorities done.

Ready to flourish this fall?

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We’re going to get focused and dive into business, but first go enjoy this last summer Sunday!