As a mama CEO, you know kids grow fast, but what about your business? The time and other resources you put toward your business affect growth. And, like our kids, sometimes we have growth spurts and then plateau until we’re ready for our business to grow again.

Do you have what you need to grow your business? Start with these 12 growth strategies from top Mama CEOs:

Think big, but start small.

val geisler“Having big dreams is key to growth but having small wins is key to momentum. If your big dream is to write a book and speak around the world, start by writing a weekly blog post and speaking to local organizations. Keep at it and know that the big dream takes time (and no one has the same timeline as you do).”

Val Geisler


Follow your own path.

lacy boggs“Figure out what resonates with you and do it wholeheartedly. Whether it’s a sales process, marketing tactic, social media network, etc., if it doesn’t feel good, it’s not going to work. We can get so caught up in what everyone else is doing, we start to think we SHOULD be doing it too—and that can backfire in a big way.

I tried the big launch model: three videos, shopping cart open for a week, etc., and it didn’t work for me. I made 3 sales. When I scaled back and focused on what I’m good at and where I feel most comfortable, I made 20+ sales in less than a week with one blog post and an email. BA-DA-BOOM. Score one for individuality.”

Lacy Boggs


Redefine consistency.

jules taggart“As a business owner, consistency is important. Creating and publishing content, following up with prospective clients and developing new offerings regularly can make or break your business. But with all of your responsibilities as a mom too, it can feel totally overwhelming!

Just remember that you get to decide what consistency looks like. If it means publishing one purposeful and insanely useful blog post per month rather than blogging once a week, then give yourself permission to make that change (then stick with it!).”

Jules Taggart


Focus on what makes the most difference.

farideh“Leverage what you’re good at, hire help where you can, and give yourself permission to not have the “perfect” business. You can’t possibly play every roll well, so focus on what will make the most difference.”

Farideh Ceaser


You don’t have to do it all yourself.

christie halmick“Growth in my business has come from realizing that even though I’m capable of doing everything myself, I don’t have to. My husband became my business partner and that partnership has made a huge difference in both my energy level and the bottom line. No more flying solo trying to do it all myself.”

Christie Halmick



Say YES to support.

racheal cook 2“Running a business and raising a family—let’s face it, these are two full time jobs! And the only way to do both well is to ask for help so you can be focused on what really matters most. Hire a babysitter. Get an assistant. Don’t hesitate to bring other people into your business and life so both will run more smoothly!”

Racheal Cook


Set non-negotiable work hours.

erin brule“On Sunday night, set your work hours for the upcoming week. Literally. Write them down. Share them with your spouse or anyone else who needs to know them. These are not flexible. (Back-story: I would tend to just try to ‘fit work in’ when I could – this resulted in being terribly inefficient being frustrated and feeling terrible because I was never totally ‘present’ with my family OR work.)”

Erin Brule


Be realistic.

Maggie patterson“If your goal is growth, it’s easy to get carried away and create a never ending to-do list for your biz. Get a firm handle on how much time you really have and prioritize from there. If you’re working part-time, or only have a few hours of childcare per week, avoid trying to schedule a full-time load of clients or tasks. You may grow a bit slower, but you’ll be sane and happy.”

Maggie Patterson


Take action.

amber mccue“Business growth happens when I take consistent action toward my goals.  For the longest time, I was frozen in inaction because things weren’t perfect or it wasn’t good enough to launch. Take fast action—even if it isn’t perfect. Test ideas quickly.  Put yourself in front of your target audience more. And pivoting or deleting what isn’t working even faster accelerates growth.”

Amber McCue


Hire a coach.

beryl young“I hired a coach. I found someone outside of my circle who could see my business objectively and had my growth at heart. Coaching pushed me just over the edge of fear, and gave me strategies to unlock where I was supposed go next.”

Beryl Young

Find your tribe.

Grace Kraaijvanger“Surround yourself with women that inspire you, believe in you, and remind you not to give up. Know that there will be challenges, and big time self-doubt…. keep going anyway. Putting yourself out there is the best way to feel alive, and you never have to do it alone. When you’re feeling insecure or isolated, work among other women who energize you, reinvigorate, and bring out the best in you.”

Grace Kraaijvanger

Join a mastermind.

Megan Flatt Headshot 2“I have been part of several masterminds. I got coaching to help me refine my ideas and turn my specific goals into action. I learned a LOT about business. And I connected with other talented and energetic entrepreneurs. These ladies cheered me on, offered advice, answered questions, and kept me accountable to reaching my goals. It’s like coaching, learning, and a tribe all in one.”

Megan Flatt

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