I just wrapped up the launch of my program, The Mama Mastermind. I’m so excited to get to dive into the business and home systems of the new round of participants. This program is my favorite thing I do in my business.

But I’ll tell you, launching is exhausting.

Even though I so strongly believe in my program, I’ve systematized the launch and I have an amazing team to support me — the weeks leading up to the start of this program are intense.

Being a business owner is not for the faint of heart. But I’ve also learned that business has ups and downs. Emotionally and with the amount of work that needs to be put forth. I know that I’ll need to put in extra hours for a time, and then I can take a deep breath and slow down for a time.

Here are a few of my suggestions on how to take that deep breath after a launch, or any big push in your business.

1. Treat yourself.

Savor a latte while you read a magazine. Get a pedicure. Buy yourself a treat (I love these decadent lip balms—yummy!) I did all three of these at the same time this week!

2. Reconnect.

Sip that latte with a girl friend you haven’t seen in awhile. Have an afternoon playdate with your kids. Plan date night. I know I have been a little disconnected for the past couple of weeks. But making a point to reconnect reminds those close to you that your business will go through busy times, but there will always be time for family when you are done.

3. Turn off your phone for the day.

Step away from the computer. Stop checking email. Take a social media break. I had spent SO much time connected to my devices…that leaving the phone in the other room for most of the weekend was a welcome break.

4. Thank your tribe.

Share your appreciation for the people who helped spread the word (and return the favor—starting tomorrow after your social media break). Thank your community for sticking with you during this phase. Let them know you’re glad to be getting back to normal with them.

5. Thank your team

I could not have had a successful launch without the amazing Mama CEOs on my team who support me.  I want to take a minute and publicly thank them here.

Suzi Istvan and her team over at splendidly curious handled all my promotional and design needs, even the last minute panic emails of “I need a new fb cover photo!” or “I forgot my blog image!” AND they dealt with my site getting hacked and crashing in the middle of my launch.

My amazing assistant, Lizzie Errico, kept me on track and I know worked above and beyond her normal hours to make sure everything behind the scenes like paypal, contracts, and mailchimp were playing nicely with each other.

Sara Barry, my copywriter and editor, also went above and beyond her normal role and served as part of my brain (that I am sure fell out of my head at some point.) She made sure everything that was in my head made it out into the world to my audience.

Melissa Penton made sure my social media channels were well stocked and just handled everything without ever being asked. She even tackled facebook ads!

(I also need to thank my good business friends who sent messages checking in on me and encouraging me through the whole launch. Thank you for supporting me.)

6. Take a deep breathe—and get ready to dive back in!

Once the cart closes, it’s time to do what most of us love best—running our programs, connecting with clients, seeing results from our work. Take a deep breath (or five or ten) as you transition from the selling phase to the doing phase.

One more thing—celebrate your success. Celebrate the work you did and the steps you took moving your business forward.

What are you celebrating today?? Let’s toast together!

Cheers, mama!