FacebookI always start with planning with the Mama Mastermind and my other clients, because having a great plan is so essential. I get a lot of buts:

But I like to go with the flow.

But I never know how long my kids will nap.

But I don’t have enough time to do all the stuff I need to do, never mind plan.

But I’m not a planner.


If any of that sounds like you, stick with me here, because I believe planning actually allows us more flexibility.

(If you are a planner, but could use a little help making the most of your day, scroll to the end for my free planning tools.)

But I hear you when you say you aren’t a planner. Some of my current Mama Mastermind participants were resistant too. Then they had these A HA moments:

I mark off the work time I have each week and have a focused list of things to do each week . . .

It’s been working great so far! I no longer waste hours in FB or email (most of the time) and I’m getting SO MUCH more accomplished!

Karen Taggart

I like the idea of seeing how much time is “available” and basing my weekly goals/plans on that. Makes more sense than just scanning my calendar and hoping for the best.

Deb Blum

I have such a clear picture of my time and how to use it. I’m so motivated, I signed up for a 6am workout class—something I’ve talked about doing for 3 years!

—Erika Brodie

So maybe you don’t like the idea of planning, but how does this sound?

You stop wasting time.

You get more done.

You base what you can do on the time you have available.

You finally do something for yourself, because you see what you can do.


When we take the time to plan, we see where we actually have space in our day. We put meaningful activities into those chunks of time. If you need a focused hour to wrap up videos for your course, you’ll plug that into the one big chunk of open time in your day.

If you have only a few hours in the week, you’ll have a real sense of how much you can get done. Sometimes that’s discouraging at first, but when we’re realistic about what we can get done, there’s less overwhelm. We feel more productive because we meet our goals.

Your plan gives you the framework to navigate your day and get all the important pieces—the work pieces, the family pieces, even the you pieces—in there. And when things go wrong (like a kid home sick) or you’re really enjoying something (gorgeous afternoon at the park), you understand where you can shift pieces to flex that schedule.

So you’re not a planner—but maybe you could be. You became a mom after all—and a CEO. Why not a planner?

Download your free, printable Day Planner for Mama CEOs now.

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The Day Planner for Mama CEOs has space for all the parts of your life in one place.

To help you get a little more from your planner, I’ve created a free video guide. It’s included when you download your planner.

I believe we all need a plan. Are you ready to create yours?