About a year ago, I wrote on a Post-it note: “What is my Today show platform?”

In addition to possibly manifesting a future appearance next to Matt Lauer, my Post-it mantra had a lot to do with the bigger questions of why I do what I do.

In my blog post “The But Really Factor,” I suggest looking at the products or services you sell, and more importantly how you sell them, under the lens of the But Really factor. When you look at what you really sell, you get to the emotional reasons people buy.

Your Today show platform applies the But Really factor to the overarch of your business and addresses both why people buy from you and why you are creating anything to begin with.

And really, knowing why YOU are creating something is quite possibly the biggest business aha you can have.

What’s Your Caption?

My younger sister is a dance teacher. She recently had the opportunity to be featured on her local news morning show. The caption under her segment read “Dance team builds confidence.”

Does my sister show up in class each day and say “Girls, let’s build some confidence.” Probably not, but what she does say, the moves she choreographs, the costumes she chooses are all driven by her platform of building confident young people.

So if you saying, “But I’m “just” a life coach” or “I “just” create and sell pretty stuff,” take a new look. Your real reason doesn’t mean you set out to change the world—but you find the ways in which you are changing the world for your particular niche.

When the Today show calls, why do they want to interview you?

Is it because you are an amazing graphic designer or because you enable female entrepreneurs to build their own independent futures? Are you a health coach or do you want to make this world a place where it is cool (and easy) to live a healthy life?

Ask yourself:

What do I want to be known for beyond this moment?

What do I want to claim to be the thought leader in?

What do I want to stand for?

Your Today show platform runs through everything you do and say as a business owner. It can act like a filter to test out new ideas, and it can set you apart from the million other business owners who seemingly do the same thing you do.

Your Today show platform gives you a chance to stand for what you believe in.

How to Find Your Today Show Platform

What if you aren’t sure what your Today show platform is? Start here:

Look for common threads on your career journey.

Over my working years, I’ve had a variety of jobs:

dance instructor → prenatal personal trainer → pregnancy wellness fitness educator → coach for moms finding their passion  → business consultant for Mama CEOs

Despite the shifts and turns in my careers, one common thread has pulled them all together: The desire to show woman, and specifically mothers, that they could do anything that was important to them. That they didn’t have to follow society’s conventions.

Heard you aren’t supposed to do ab exercises while you are pregnant?

Let me tell you all the amazing ways to safely train your core during pregnancy.

Been told a stay at home mom should devote all her time to raising her family?

Let me help you find the thing you are passionate about and the time to do it.

Do people around you assume you are not as dedicated to your career because you are a mom?

Let’s show them motherhood is an asset not a liability

All my careers have come back to the platform “Motherhood is an advantage.”

My next career might be opening up a cupcake shop, but you can bet there will be a thread that ties it back to my “motherhood is an advantage” platform.

Spend some time thinking back over your life. Even if you switched industries from designing tech apps to working with children, ask What is my common belief? Think about how you want to be known moving forward. What do you want to stand for?

What do you want Matt Lauer to ask you about?

What’s your Today show platform? I’d love to hear in comments.