You run client calls and the carpool. You prep for product launches and pre-school field trips. You carefully plan budgets and bedtime routines.

You are a Mama CEO and you already rock.

You get to create a fulfilling life and set a stellar example for your children. You get to define success on your own terms.

You deserve to have the confidence and clarity to see motherhood for the beautiful, powerful advantage that it is.

The Mama Advantage

I recently had someone tell me (not a mom, clearly) “Oh, you just work with a bunch of mom businesses.”

He meant it in a slightly derogatory way, but all I could think was, “You’re damn right I do—and these mom business owners kick ass.”

We moms make more progress in one 45-minute nap time than most business owners make all day.

Mama CEOs have 3 key attributes that allow us to Plan Like a Mother when it comes to running our businesses.

  • Hyper-productivity
  • Ruthless prioritization
  • Strategic progress

Hyper-Productivity: You Know Time Is Precious

As a Mama CEO you are keenly aware of every minute you have to work on your business. You set dedicated work time and divide your day into clear chunks to maximize your work time. While we all have taken an occasional trip down the Facebook rabbit hole, Mama CEOs know how precious work time is, and we don’t waste it. You’ve heard the saying, “Want something done? Ask the busy person.” I say ask a mom.

Mama Advantage Tip: Create daily time blocks. Set aside time to work on each of your business projects in the time you have allotted to work. Know when you work on content creation, client work, communication and networking. If you need to shift these times, you know exactly what needs to be done.

Ruthless Prioritization: You Know Exactly What Needs to Get Done

In every business there are a million different things that could be done. Mama CEOs become experts at analyzing the most impactful activities to our business and lives. We make critical decisions and we don’t get caught in the shiny object syndrome. We are too busy to be overwhelmed. We know what is important.

Mama Advantage Tip: Set your top must-dos each day and eliminate the should dos. Only take on the projects and the activities that move you forward in your business and life. Take a pause before saying yes to requests and run all decisions through the filter of “Does this align with my values and current goals?” Have a plan for saying no to the things that don’t work—something as simple as, “That’s not going to work for me right now.”

Strategic Progress: You Make Consistent Forward Headway

We know that slow and steady wins the race. While our progress may seem slower than some of our counterparts, our forward movement is consistent over time. We see the big picture of where we are going, and we keep our eye on the prize no matter what. We know that, just like our kids learning to walk, we need to put one foot in front of another (and like our kids walking, we improve our skills as we go!).

Mama Advantage Tip: Acknowledge and celebrate your progress. Connect with a group of like-minded supporters who see your headway. Plan long term and big picture. Look not only at what you want to accomplish in the short term, but where you want to be in a year and in five. Focus on how you want to feel as you move forward in your life and business.

You are a Mama CEO and you already rock. Don’t let the naysayers (even the ones in your own head) tell you you are “just a mom business.”  Even if you don’t feel the way I described above all the time, know being a mother is an asset, not a hinderance, to our businesses, our families and our communities.

We can have a career we are passionate about AND raise great children. We get to define what success looks like for ourselves.

The Mama Advantage movement starts here. All you need to do is Plan Like a Mother.

Join me.


Are ready to plan for an amazingly successful 2016, but in an awesomely fun way? Then Plan Like a Mother will get you there.

This week-long business planning party includes:

  • Daily Planning Prompts – shared via Instagram, you’ll not only be prioritizing your 2016 goals but meeting new friends and connecting with the larger Mama CEO community. (and post-it notes will be involved)
  • Mini Lessons and Worksheets – Delivered via email each day to make sure you are hyper-productive with your actions in 2016.
  • Hands on LIVE Planning Party – We’ll conclude the week with a Live google hangout on December 14th (10am pst) You’ll have your entire 2016 Plan (and win some prizes) before the hour is over!


Did I mention prizes?

Make sure to participate every day!  Not only will your planning benefit, but you’ll be entered to win some super cool prizes announced during the planning party.  There will prizes for participation, sharing and overall post-it use creativity!

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