I love this time of year, we are all talking about goals and planning for 2016. I love to think big and look forward to the fresh start the New Year brings.

But an uber important part of planning for where you are going is reviewing where you have been.

Last year around this time, I set my intention for 2015 in the form of one word: Flourish.

But I didn’t just set an intention, I created a plan around the idea of flourishing in all realms of my life: my business, my family, my self. Over the last 12 months, I put that plan in action.

As I get ready to set my word and create my plan for 2016. I start by looking at how I “flourished” this past year.

Here’s what flourishing looked like:

  • I tripled my income.
  • I took a three-week vacation from my business and spent time with my family.
  • I streamlined my offerings to better focus my time and increase revenue.
  • I grew my team and learned to outsource more efficiently.

A few goals I set, I don’t feel I fully reached this year. There are still things I need to do to continue to flourish. I need to focus more on my own health – and get out on that darn paddle board more! And better financial knowledge is another area I need to continue to practice. I need to refine my systems and make sure I am planning for the long term.

What I accomplished this year happened because I had a great plan and I was able to keep track of my progress. All those things I need to work on? They’ll be in my plan for 2016.

A good plan involves reviewing where you have come from, setting an intention for where you want to go and creating a plan on how to get there.

So as you sit down to set your goals, resolutions and intentions for 2016, make sure you don’t forget to also create your plan of how you’ll get there. My word of the year sets the tone and helps me decide what goes into my plan. But the plan is essential, and if you get it done now, you can relax into all the end of the year festivities, knowing that when it’s time to get back to work on Monday, January 4, you will be set up to rock.

I know it’s a crazy time of year. You’re trying to finish 2015 strong and buy the gifts and get to all the parties.

Webinar2_IG_FBSizeI’ve got an invite you don’t want to turn down. To help you kick off your planning, I’m hosting a planning party on Google hangouts on Monday, December 14, at 10 AM PT.

We’ll be looking at where we have been in 2015 and how to make 2016 even better.

Join me and walk away with your plan for 2016!

What will your big wins be at this time next year?