Mom! He’s touching me! Well she’s on my side!

My kids are squabbling about space again. I can’t really blame them. More and more I find myself seeking—needing—space of all kinds.

In fact, space is my word of the year.

When I started thinking about my Word of 2016, I was in my tiny kitchen trying to put a hot pan from the oven down on an already full stove top. I was dreaming of counter space. I said out loud,

“I need SPACE”

And it hit me, that was what I wanted for 2016. Physical space in my house, yes. But also mental space, calendar space and one more definition….owning my personal business space.

Physical Space

Since my kids were born, I’ve been on a quest for home office space. As a mama CEO, you need space. Ideally, something other than your kitchen table (that was my command center until my toddler spilled his milk on my laptop during dinner one night). I graduated to a shelf next to my bed. And then I upgraded to an office in a corner of my garage. I love having a space separate from my family space where I can focus on my business.

One of the things I love about having my own office space is I’m not looking at clutter (or at least it’s only my own clutter). Over the winter break, my husband and I did a major decluttering and spent some time beautifying our living space. It is such an inspiring place now!

White Space in My Calendar

At the end of last year, I listened to Essentialism, and one of my take-aways was that so many successful people take time off to just FOCUS. I’m big on breaking down tasks and taking action to move forward. This year, I’m scheduling some thinking time into each week. That means setting aside a block of time when I’m not talking to clients or trying to check things off my list. It means time I’m not with my family. It means white space in my calendar. This is a top priority this year, but it’s not going to be easy. Don’t worry—I’ve got a plan.

I always say that having a plan makes you more flexible. By understanding what you need to accomplish—and how long those tasks will take—you can adjust when things don’t go as planned (not that Mama CEOs know anything about that, ahem).

In December, I made my plan for the year, but it’s not static. One thing I’ll make space for is regular check-ins with my plan. I usually do a really focused plan for the next 90 days with a rougher plan further out. That means I check in quarterly to flesh out the upcoming months. I also fine tune and adjust goals and intentions monthly. Then each day I review my schedule and to-do list. I keep track of it all in my Mama CEO planner that integrates all my business and family items. These check-ins don’t have to take a lot of time, but by making space to check my plan, I keep things on track.

The other reason to check in with your schedule is to make sure you are keeping some white space. Whether it’s time to think or do activities that recharge you, it’s easy to fill in those blank slots. I know I feel a lot more calm and in control when I have enough white space in my calendar; that’s why I’m working on keeping that space open.

Space to Grow

For a business owner, space is critical. It’s easy to get hyper-focused on our audience, our zone of expertise, our niche. These things give focus and aren’t in themselves bad, but if we aren’t careful, they can be limiting. In 2015, I streamlined my offerings. This year, I am ready to grow as a business owner and really step into my “Zone of Genius.” To do this, I have to have more space to step up and grow my business. I’ll continue to look at ways to create more space for growth as I adjust my plan for 2016.

Last year, my intention and focus was to flourish, and I did. Imagine what I can do with a little more space to work, think, and grow. Imagine what you can do.