OMG! It’s the third week of January already. I’ve been so busy getting back into routine that I haven’t had time to plan. (I’ve been so crazed I even forgot to put a bra on the other day—true story).

Anyone else with me?

Every year, I have to remind myself that it’s never too late to plan.

Start Your Plan Now

My plans generally focus on 90-days. I do a rough sketch of the whole year, but then I get really focused about what’s happening in the next three months. That plan is the key to:

  • Focusing your efforts
  • Breaking things down into steps to move forward
  • Using your team effectively
  • Staying sane

I’m still finetuning my next-90 for Q1. Yeah, even here in the third week of January. So, I promise you, it’s not too late to plan an amazing 2016.

We’re less than a month into the year. We’ve got more than 11 to go. Get planning, mama.

Bring All Your Plans Together

I had trouble finding the planning tools I needed, so I created a planner that brings my mama life and my business life together. I’m excited to launch a printed version for 2016. The Mama CEO planner combines your business goals and day to day life planning all in one place. Your life isn’t compartmentalized, your planning tools shouldn’t be either!

The Mama CEO Planner takes you from a high level look at your year to a broad quarter by quarter overview to monthly and then weekly plans with checklists and daily action lists to keep you moving forward. There is a place for you to track income and analytics as well as meal planning and soccer schedules.

And this year it is fully printed and shipped right to your door!

Want a tour? Take a look inside here:


I want my 2016 Mama CEO planner! Click Here order yours!!!

What are you planning for 2016? It’s not too late! Tell me in the comments your big goals for 2016! 49 weeks left to get it done!