Did you know that people who spend time putting a concrete plan down on paper complete their project 20% fast than those without a plan?

Planning for me, can be therapeutic. Nothing gets me out of overwhelm faster than a stack of post it notes and a blank wall. I ALWAYS feel better when I know exactly what needs to be done in my project.

There is no denying, a good plan is the key to a successful project.

But you know what else is key? Action.

You can plan, brainstorm, mindmap, highlight, calendar and even post it note…but it means nothing without the next step;
take action.

That beautiful post-it note filled wall? I’ll be right back in overwhelm-land if I don’t strategically start acting on those post it note steps.

The key steps to get your project from plan into action:

  1. Know exactly what needs to be done

    Break down each small step of your project. This makes sure you don’t forget anything and realistically plan your time. You want to break out all the steps. “launch videos” should really be 1. Outline video concepts 2. Script videos 3. Set up lights and camera 4. Do hair and makeup 5. Shoot videos 6. Edit videos 5. Add intro 6. Upload video. Now you know exactly what needs to be done and you can plan your time accordingly.


  2. Know exactly when it is going to get done

    :We get into trouble when we breakdown our tasks, but then say “Ok! I have to get these 47 things done this week.” Look at your actual calendar and block out specific times to work on your project. Don’t just wait for time to come available. This also takes the pressure off feeling like you should be working on your project. If you have set aside Tuesday from 1-4 to work on this project. You can have a guilt free lunch with a girlfriend before!


  3. Be realistic with your actual calendar

    Be realistic with how many tasks you can do in a given amount of time. Once you have all the tasks that need to be done, assign a rough amount of time each task will take. Then you know that if scripting the video will take about an hour, setting up lights takes 30 minutes, you need 30 minutes to get ready and an hour to shoot the videos, then you know you are going to need at least 3 hours for this part of the project.


  4. Put in focus time

    Don’t just expect because you made a plan, that your project will get done. This may seem like a silly step. But honestly, you have to put in the work. We spend time creating goals (especially this time of year) but if we don’t set aside time to actually take the action. We will never accomplish the goal.


  5. Remember your why

     Business is hard. My biz friends and I have taken to calling it our “Jamba Juice Moment.” That point where getting a job at Jamba Juice seems like a way better idea than running your own business. To keep you from 40 hours a week of blended fruit, take time to remember your why. Why are you doing this business and this project anyway? So you can pick your kids up from school everyday? So you can increase your family’s income? So you can help your clients with your expertise? I keep my Big Why written out over my desk. When I need motivation to finish that project, that is usually what does it for me.


  6. Get support

    Just because you are in business for yourself, doesn’t mean you have to be by yourself. Every fortune 500 company has a team of people to generate ideas, hold each other accountable and mastermind with. Why should you be any different. Whether it is joining a paid mastermind, or just reaching out to a friend via facebook messenger, you don’t have to do this entrepreneur thing alone!


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