I recently read two statistics that floored me:

People with a goal have only 10% chance of succeeding on their own.


People have 80% chance to succeed at a goal with group support.

You can go from 10% to 80% chance of success
just by participating in a group.

Now, I’m not surprised that groups help us succeed. I’ve seen that time and again both through my own participation in various business groups and through leading my signature group mentorship program, The Mama Mastermind. In fact, I love the breakthroughs I see over time as we work in a group. So I know groups mattered. Turns out they matter even more than I thought.


The Long History of The Mastermind

Napoleon Hill coined the term “mastermind” in his 1937 book Think and Grow Rich. He talks about when many like-minded brains come together for accountability, support and to share different perspectives they become like one higher brain, an actual master mind. So for 80 years, we have proven that group support leads to bigger more confident outcomes.


Keys To a Successful Mastermind

  1. Have members that are equally committed to the success of the group
  2. Have a structure and a strategy to learn
  3. Have set times for group collaboration
  4. Have a mutual desire to network and cross promote
  5. Be willing to think bigger!


Group Support Mama CEO Style

There are a lot of business groups and masterminds out there to support you in growing your business. The Mama Mastermind focuses on business growth in the context of your family life.

We realize that business plans and family plans intersect—heavily.

We know that systems streamline things in our business and at home so that we can act on our big ideas.

And we know that sometimes a sick kiddo causes us to adapt what we thought we were going to do or how we’d do it. (Writing your sales page on your phone from the pediatrician’s office instead of on your laptop at your co-working space anyone?)

To build your business, you need support in your business and the rest of your life.
That’s what Mama Mastermind is all about.

Recently in the Mama Mastermind Facebook group we’ve talked about:

  • Productivity tools
  • The best practice for crafting a sales page
  • Big wins in our business
  • Strategies for a child who doesn’t want to go to school anymore
  • How to get one business list to opt-in to a new business list
  • Goals for the week to move our business forward

Mastermind mamas have commented on each other’s offers and images. They’ve cheered each other on through successes and encouraged their fellow mama CEOs through rough patches whether it’s will anybody buy this or how do I get anything done on a snow day. And they’ve offered concrete suggestions to help each other when they get stuck or are uncertain.

Looking at this, it isn’t hard to see why the success rate leaps with a group.

How Mama Mastermind Supports Members

A past Mama Mastermind participant said:

“I love having somewhere to go to put an idea out there.  Seeing what other people are doing, and where they might be struggling, helps me not to feel like I’m the only one. The support we give each other is truly unique.” -Maria



“I started the Mama Mastermind when I was ready to move Prim’d Marketing to the next level, but I needed extra support and understanding from women in the same boat as me.” – Sophie


I built the Mama Mastermind to include all the best pieces of private mentorship with the concepts of an ideal mastermind group.


Ready to Achieve Your Goals?

Mastermind Promo FB4
What are your goals for 2016?

Maybe you’ll be in the 10% who succeed on their own, but why not opt for a much higher rate of success?

If you are ready to make 2016 the year it all finally comes together, I highly recommend you join a mastermind.

The Mama Mastermind not only gives you tools to build a thriving business and family, it gives you the support you need to succeed at your goals.

Early bird pricing for the spring 2016 Mama Mastermind now in effect! Learn more about the Mama Mastermind and submit your application for your 80% Factor now.