Have you ever had a moment in your business where you think:

“I feel like I’m back to square one.”


“Why haven’t I figured out ______ (fill in the blank) yet.”

I’m going to let you in on a little secret, the path of an entrepreneur is not straight.

The truth is, you aren’t back at square one and you HAVE figured that thing out in your business. You have learned, tested, grown. Now you are back to refine a concept you may have already visited in your business—but you are wiser, more clear, more specific.

You’re not starting over, you are an entire loop higher on the spiral staircase of your business.

Nathalie Lussier talks about the business spiral staircase, and this image really resonates with me. There are things we will do over and over again—90-day plans, launch cycles, sales pages. And there are parts of our business we will revisit again and again. What we do. Who we serve. How to reach the right people.

While it may feel like we’re starting all over again, really we’ve moved up and we’re revisiting issues and processes and ideas with new knowledge and perspective.

I once read a suggestion that you should update your bio every month. Now, you may not need to actually update it this often, but this is such a good reminder that our business is constantly evolving. You develop new skills. You get more specific on who you want to serve. You bring new brilliant ideas to life. All of these developments mean you’re going to have to update your bio . . .  and your about page . . . and your work with me page . . . and your prices . . . and how you serve your clients.

You are getting more and more in tune with exactly the business owner you want to be for exactly that moment in time.

These twists and turns can be challenging, so we all need support as we grow our business, whether we’re dipping our toe in for the first time or getting ready to scale. To grow we need to keep learning, keep applying, keep connecting both with our customers and with our mama CEO colleagues.

The Mama Mastermind provides the tools and knowledge base to answer your questions about business, whether you are just starting out or a seasoned business. More importantly, it offers the accountability, camaraderie, and support we all need to keep moving forward through our successes and our challenges.

Wherever you are in your business, Mama Mastermind is for you (you can read more about the Mama Mastermind here.)

Here’s what that upward spiral looks for two-time Mama Mastermind participant Sara Barry:

Sara Testimonial FBWhen I started working with Megan, I needed a fresh start. I’d had a freelance writing business for years, but things had really slowed down when my kids were babies.

With my youngest about to start preschool, I was ready to ramp up, but my niche—and I—had changed. I thought I was going back to square one, but I was just ready for a new turn in my business.

My first Mama Mastermind gave me a new perspective on running a business. I learned more about sales funnels and opt ins and content marketing. I created a schedule that worked (mostly). And I developed a new offering—an online writing workshop—and the plan to sell it.

I enjoyed it, but the pieces weren’t really fitting. I let things simmer over the summer so I could focus on family and clients. Then I pitched ghost blogging to a new client, something I wouldn’t have considered before Mama Mastermind. From there I got a referral and more ghost blogging. I added editorial planning. I had found the path I wanted to be on at this stage of my life and business.

Mastermind Promo Instagram1So I spiraled around again. Now I knew what I wanted to do. How to make it happen? My second Mama Mastermind helped me focus on building my business instead of just getting the work done. I shifted toward a retainer model that gives me more stable and predictable work and income. I streamlined my systems and discovered a new calm when facing a full schedule. I know how to break it down and get it done—and I know where to turn when I need a little support. Best of all, I’m excited about what I’m doing again.

Where are you in your business?

Wherever you are, Mama Mastermind is a great next step. Click here to apply