You know what I’d like to do some day?

I have a great idea for a business.

I’d love to  . . .

Businesses start with an idea, but they don’t end there. To succeed in business, you need three things:

  • strategy
  • support
  • schedule

A lot of people have great ideas, but they don’t act. Are you one of them? Maybe you’re afraid your idea won’t work or you feel like you are too busy or you don’t know what to do first. Strategy, support, and schedule can get you past all of those issues.

Strategy for Business Success

Strategy means taking what you want to do and making sure you are doing it for the right reasons. Is this new idea the best for our big business goals, or is it just what you think you should be doing? Strategy is the why behind doing what you’re doing.

Strategy is the first step that sets apart an idea and a business. Action, of course, is critical. Strategy makes sure you know what step to take next, and that it is the right step, so you can keep moving forward.

Support for Business Success

I wouldn’t be here without support. It gets lonely—and discouraging—working by yourself. My mentors and business BFFs have helped me learn what I need to move forward. They’ve been sounding boards for my ideas, whether it’s a new offer or the wording of my sales page. And they’ve talked me off the ledge when I start to wonder why I’m doing this or what if nobody buys.

We all need another perspective. We all need someone to cheer on our successes. We all need somebody to tell us, “It’s going to be OK,” when we’re stuck in the fear zone.

Schedule for Business Success

So, you know what to do. You’ve got support getting there. Now you need to get it done. It’s time to plan. Start with a 90-day overview. Break it down week by week. And then create your daily schedule to make sure you get it done.

Just when is it going to all get done? Having a broad overview of your ‘normal’ schedule will help you know what you should be working on at any given time, whether it is content creation time, email time or park time.

Mama Mastermind Covers the 3 Ss

Mastermind Promo Instagram2Mama Mastermind revolves around the idea of strategy, support, and success. Here is the outline of the key components of Mama Mastermind. Add to the scheduled items, the daily interaction in our Facebook group and we’ve got all the bases covered.

The structure inside the Mama Mastermind includes:

Monthly Strategy Sessions: The first week of each month we focus on nailing the fundamental business concepts we revisit over and over in our businesses

Monthly Group Coaching Sessions: The second week of the month, we meet in smaller groups to get feedback from me and your fellow masterminders

Monthly Workshop Sessions: In the third week of the month we roll up our sleeves and actually get stuff done…in real time, at the end of the workshop a piece of your business is DONE.

Monthly Get it Done Challenges: End each month with a week long productivity sprints to commit to completing a project and finishing the month strong (with prizes!).

Weekly Power Hours: A chance for you to focus on your business each week knowing your fellow Mama CEOs all over the world are doing the same thing—it’s like virtual co-working!

Weekly Mama Time Out Invitations: Each week you’ll get a reminder to do something for yourself, from buying yourself flowers to texting a girlfriend, these invites seem to always come at the right moment.

During the Month you’ll also have:

Mama Brain Trusts: Mini mastermind groups within the mastermind to really leverage your connections and support within the group

One-on-One Mentorship: With two dedicated calls and emergency calls with me whenever you need them, you have business support on demand.

Private Facebook Group: Connect, vent, celebrate your big wins at any hour of the day or night!

Mama Mastermind Portal: All of the content from the Mastermind and ALL past rounds is housed in a beautiful website portal. Expert Interview, templates, tutorials and other resources are all at your fingertips.

How the 3 Ss paid off for Mama Mastermind participant Krystina Feucht

Krystina Testimonial FBMaking time for things in my own business was huge for me during this program. Mama Mastermind made me take the time to put the structure and organization in place for my own business. Mama Mastermind forced me to work on my business as much as I work in my business.


Before we started, I struggled  with taking time each week to work on my own business—things like marketing, tools, improving project management structure, and team flow. When I make a commitment to someone else—clients, family, friends, associates—I deliver.

But it’s easy to keep putting aside my own internal business projects when I haven’t committed to someone else to get them done. The Mastermind gave me the accountability to stay committed to my own work. Once I told my fellow members I was working on something, I felt a strong commitment to get it done.

Our group calls, where we could bounce ideas off each other and get feedback live, helped keep me motivated and made sure I didn’t get stuck in moving forward with my plans.

Strategy and Schedule

I was able to break down large projects into weekly time commitments within the 4 months. By just spending a few hours dedicated time each week I was able to move my team/clients into a new project management platform, put in better project workflows and tools, establish relationship management processes, and I’ve nearly completed my new website.

I’m now more strongly committed to spending time each week on improving my business.

If you are ready for more strategy in your business, more clarity where you should be spending your time, more accountability and support from a group of mama CEOS just like you—more of the things you need to succeed—you belong in the Mama Mastermind.
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