“My kids don’t go to bed until 9. What time do your kids go to bed?”


“My husband and I were tired of being frantic on the weekends, so now he takes Saturday morning to do his own thing and I get Sunday.”


These were actual snippets of conversation from my group of girl friends on a recent girls night.


“You guys, this week is trying to kill me! . . . Launching is hard.”


“I think I need to say ‘no’ to a high profile client . . . help!”


These are actual conversation threads in my own business mastermind group.


Mom, I like that you work. Sometimes you have too many calls and can’t do stuff with us. But I like that you work here in the garage so you can help us with stuff and come to my school. And I like to use your Post-it notes and pens.”


This is an actual conversation I had with my 7.5 year old last week.


Important conversations.


Being an entrepreneur can be a little isolating. Am I the only one who is struggling to get clients? Am I the only one who doesn’t understand Facebook ads? Is everyone more successful than me?


Being a mom can bring up all kinds of concerns. Should my kid be taking music lessons? Does it matter that she never wants to wear a dress? Am I giving my kids too much screen time?


Being a spouse can bring different thoughts. Why do I have to make dinner, even on the nights I go out? Is my husband frustrated the house is a mess? Am I the only one who didn’t tell their spouse how much that business course cost?


Let me tell you: You are not the only one. You are not alone. You are not an anomaly.


But you know how you learn this? By having important conversations.


Important conversations aren’t always easy.


How do you explain to the two year old that has to be peeled off your leg by the babysitter that “mommy needs to work”?


How do you tell your spouse that you want to invest family funds into growing your business?


How do you explain to the PTA president that you can’t chair the book fair this year?


By having support.


You need that group of girlfriends where you can be assured you’re not the only family who allows dessert on the regular.


You need entrepreneur friends who can commiserate about slow times in business and understand why you are celebrating your latest IG post getting over 50 likes.


You need support from those who get why you are awake at 5:30am to get in 3 hours of work before your volunteer day at school. Or who can help you draft that difficult email to fire a client.


We need to have important conversations. We need to know we are normal and we are not alone.


We need to have important conversations so our loved ones know why we are doing what we do. Why their world might seem a little different than what they are used to, but why it is so important for mom to do what she is doing.


At a recent girls weekend it was suggested that we “shelve the baby talk” so we could enjoy our kid-free time.  


But you know what? We need to do the opposite.


Talk about the kids. Talk about your business. Talk about your fears. Talk about your big wins.


Talk to your girlfriends. Talk to your spouse. Talk to your kids.


Talk to mentors, to professionals and talk to yourself.
But have the important conversations. Have lots of them.

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