Hey, mama, you do a lot. I know it’s easy to focus on the dishes piled up in the sink, the permission slip you forgot to sign, and the deadline looming for your business.


Today I want you to stop. Put away the to do list. Forget what you haven’t done, and look at what you have.


Today is a day to celebrate YOU!


Make a list of all the things you’ve done this week, this month, this year.


–> Soak in a bubble bath.


–> Treat yourself to a pedicure or some flowers or lunch with a friend.


–> Indulge in your favorite beverage.


Do something that makes you feel amazing (because you are).


Here’s to you, mama. Great job!


P.S. Show us what you’re doing for you today and inspire all your MamaCEO friends to celebrate too! #celebrateyou #mamaCEO