Your bio. You need one.

At the bottom of that guest post, in your profile on social media or even on your own about page. We know ourselves, so why are bios so hard to write?

There is something inherently difficult about summarizing everything you do in a tiny package—somewhere between 140 characters and at most a few lines. We are complex beings with backgrounds and skills … how do we narrow it down to exactly what we do? Especially since so many of us don’t have clear cut careers anymore. Sure, it’s easy to say “I’m a 3rd grade teacher who loves to run in my spare time.” But what about when what you do is a cross between a life coach and a financial planner who also reads tarot cards?

I’m here to help. Let’s write your bio.

First, things first. Your bio doesn’t have to be your bio forever. In fact, I once read that you should update your bio monthly. And while ain’t no Mama CEO got time to update her bio monthly, the point is very freeing. You don’t have to write the end-all, be-all bio. You just have to write the bio that is perfect for right now, and it can change as you do.

But still, what is perfect for right now … and what the heck do you call yourself, you tarot reading, life coach, CFP??

I’ve got a simple template to help you out.

I am a huge fan of Alexandra Franzen, and she has pretty much cornered the market on bio writing templates, in fact you can check hers out here and here.

Taking a hybrid of a few of her templates and adding a few additions of my own, I have a simple way for you to write your bio right here.

Start by answering these questions:

What do you do?

List what you actually do. You might want to call yourself a female empowerment coach, but that’s kinda hard for people to wrap their brains around. Keep it simple and straightforward here. Go with a title that most people are going to understand—or at least decipher. (You get to embellish later.) So, you are a business coach, a designer, a strategist, a writer, a yoga instructor . . .

What do you really do (and who for)?

Now you get to say what you really do. You empower women to stand up for what they believe in. You help small business play with the big guys. You create virtual homes for new entrepreneurs. You support teens in becoming more aware of the world around them.

What else do you do?

You are so much more than your business. Here’s where you get to tell us a juicy secret. I love a fun little tidbit here. This is where you get to tell us you’re a belly dancer or make the world’s best fish tacos. Not sure what to include? Try one of these starters:

  • When I’m not ____ (fill in your work summary), you’ll find me _______.
  • My friends would tell you ______.
  • I can’t live without ____.
  • You’ll almost always find ____. (What do you always have, do, or wear?)

This sentence rounds you out, and it often ties back to what you do. (Spoiler alert, Post-it notes are featured in my bio).

What do you want your reader to do?

Even in your bio, you want a call to action. Don’t leave your new found friend hanging. They’ve read this far—what do you want them to do next? Follow you on social media? Download a free guide? Send you an email? Make sure your bio always has a way your new reader can get to know you even more.

And remember, you can (and should) update your bio as often as you like. In fact, I think my own bio could use an update. So, hot off the presses, here is my updated version using the template above.

Hi I’m Megan. I’m a business growth strategist, but really I show Mama CEOs it’s possible to  build a thriving business while staying present for the other things that matter in our lives (like our little interns.) All it takes is a strategy, an action plan and the support to get there. You’ll almost always find a stash of post-it notes in my bag, a latte in my hand, and at least one lego figurine in my pocket. You can hang out with me by the virtual water cooler inside the Mama CEO Club, just click here to join.

Let’s hear your bio! Leave your version in the comments below.

Oh and that financial planning tarot reader…check this out:

I’m a financial planner, but really I help people align their life goals and money using a blend of practical (banks love me) and woo (tarot, anyone?) approaches.

How much do you want to hire her right now?